N.J. Man Live Streaming Standoff with Cops after Refusing CPS Welfare Check

Nathan Dimoff

CPS welfare check ends up with snipers surrounding house as he live streams on Facebook.

Earlier today, Child Protective Services arrived at Lee Kenworthy's house to perform a welfare check on his kids in Manchester Township in New Jersey.

Also in the home was a woman named Samantha Brown, his friend, who said she also has custody of his kids.

Once CPS advised who they were and why they were there, Lee denied them entry to the house.

CPS then left and came back with Manchester Township police and that is where it took a turn for the worse.

The Kenworthy family has ongoing issues with both this department, Lakehurst Police Department and CPS.

According to a SoundCloud audio phone call, Lee's wife was having breathing issues and they reached out to 911 for medical assistance. Lee claims she died due to having an asthma attack and not getting help in time due to Lakehurst Police Departments presence delaying the help.

On a few of the Facebook Live videos, Lee goes into detail on how he claims his daughter was molested by CPS when they checked her body for any issues near her vagina.

More than a dozen Facebook Live videos can be viewed on both Lee's and Samantha's Facebook of the interaction that lasted 5 hours. It ended up with both Dispatch Officer Chris as well as Officer Bob on scene calming Lee down enough to let the police department. Once the police department inspected the house they took Lee for a mental health evaluation.

After the father left, CPS attempted to reenter the house to take the kids stating that the house is no longer safe due to the father not being there.

Will update as more details emerge.

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I am so tired of all the bull tossed around that if people have nothing to hide they should just toss out their rights and allow themselves to be harrassed by fools. Then, for standing by his right, he is arrested and locked up, FOR HIS OWN GOOD. Bull.


Makes perfect sense, right? Because he refused to allow the 'authorities' into his house without valid reasons, he is arrested, which then, of course, makes what CPS has said, now the truth. All caused by these 'DO-GOODERS', that are all really assholes.


I am so glad that this man is where he obviously needs to be getting a mental health evaluation . It is not just a coincidence to have an issue with three different police departments and CPS. The root cause is obviously this man’s mental health. He is blaming these departments for everything instead of looking at himself. It is always easier to point the finger. He blames the police for his wife’s death he blames CPS for molesting his child and not whoever molestered her causing the need for a sexual abuse assessment and now he’s blaming the police for him getting a mental health evaluation. If he had nothing to hide then he would have let CPS in to do a quick wellness check and be on his merry way. Instead there’s a five hour long standoff with the police? That is just insanity. I am glad he is where he deserves to be. I am praying for those poor children.

Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

"Badge Bully" cops doing what they do best. And they wonder why they're considered the SCUM of the earth. Rail Car Fan

Cops Gone Rogue