NC Cops Punch, Taser and Arrest Man for Inquiring why his Son had been Arrested

Carlos Miller

Stephen Sings was charged with a multitude of felonies and misdemeanors for asking a simple question.

A North Carolina man who had the audacity to ask deputies why they had arrested his son was tackled, punched, tasered and arrested on a multitude of false charges.

But the man was live streaming so now video of his arrest is going viral, even if he remains in jail on a $150,000 bond.

Richmond County sheriff's deputies charged Stephen Sings with a multitude of contempt-of-cop charges the video shows he never committed, including five counts of assaulting the thugs who arrested him.

Essentially, the deputies were triggered when Sings told them "this is your duty to talk to me" because that is when they ordered him to place his hands his back.

“Man, I ain’t got to put nothin’ behind my back,” Sings responded. “What you mean? … I ain’t did nothing wrong.”

"Put your hands behind your back," the deputy said.

A struggle ensued and Sings dropped the phone. It was picked up by his other son who continues recording as a deputy points a taser at him. That same deputy tasered Sings several times as another deputy punched him repeatedly, another video shows.

The incident took place Friday night during a high school football game about 70 miles east of Charlotte. It is not clear why deputies arrested his son but in the full video, Sings' other son said his brother was pushed down the stairs.

According to the Richmond Observer:

A case involving a man being tazed at a football game Friday night is still under investigation, Sheriff James Clemmons said Monday morning.

Clemmons said it was his responsibility to “investigate thoroughly” all aspects of cases, including the conduct of defendants, law enforcement and the community.

“We will let the facts lead us where they lead,” he said.

Stephen Kernel Sings Sr. had his first appearance in Richmond County District Court Monday morning on a dozen charges: five counts of resisting a public officer; three counts of assault on a government official or employee; two counts of assault with physical injury on a law enforcement, probation or parole officer; and one count each of disorderly conduct and injury to personal property.

While it's true he resisted the arrest, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled in 1954 that citizens have the right to resist an unlawful arrest.

Watch the shortened edited video above. The full video is below. He goes by Stephen Black Jr. on Facebook but court records show his surname to be Sings.

UPDATE: Sings' $150,000 secured bond has been reduced to a $15,000 unsecured bond, the Richmond Observer reports.

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I hope everyone of these hogs that took part in this abuse, is dead before the year ends. Disgusting savages they are.


Cops hate to be challenged and they really hate when you know your rights, they better learn and remember that they're cameras everywhere.


You cant reason with unreasonable people. They deserve to be treated as they treat others with full contempt and violence.


of coarse they lowered his bail. and gave BS charges. all the pigs need is just one of the charges to stick to be able to say it was justified. thus making a civil claim that much harder to prove. the DA will eventually drop the charges. and the victim will get a settlement..


This is in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals - DC, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV. We need to get a case in the courts and appeal to the 4th.


Unfortunately we need to quit trying to argue with Cops in Street Court and face them on a more Level Playing Field which is an actual court with a 3rd party judge. Now that can be Good or Bad. But at least with Judge, you can fight back against them at Election time.

Until laws are written to punish cops who use "Contempt of Cop" charges to get their Bully Hard-On. We need to remember their adage "You may beat the rap, but you arent going to beat the ride" and that is all they care about.

Cops Gone Rogue