NC Man Who is Mentally Ill Calls 911 on Neighbors and Ends Up Shot by SWAT

Nathan Dimoff

Charlotte police responding to 911 call over a dispute with a neighbor and end up shooting complainant.

It is one thing to call police on your neighbor and another thing to call them, only for them to shoot you when they arrive.

But it's probably best to put away your replica gun before they arrive.

However, Bobby Morgan, who has been diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar disorder as well as a schizoaffective disorder, was not in a right state of mind when he called police Saturday around 8:30 a.m., telling them he was in fear for his life.

Morgan told a dispatcher that he was minding his own business but two of his neighbors were harassing him over the music he was playing.

He insinuated he may have a gun on him. He is lucky to be alive, recovering at a local hospital from "gunshot wounds," according to police.

”I’m going to be outside, with my protection, waiting on the (police),” he told 911.

The dispatcher repeatedly told Morgan to go back inside.

Morgan agreed to the request, but tells the officer he is still worried about the neighbors.

While officers were enroute, another call was made to 911, but this time from Felicia Morgan, his mother, stating that her son has mental issues and has no access to a gun.

When the two responding officers arrived, they realized they had been called to that house 15 other times this year.

The initial cops called for a SWAT team after they said they heard gunfire coming from inside Morgan's house.

Police say Morgan refused to step outside, barricading himself inside. They say they saw him through a window holding what appeared to be a gun.

Between 10 a.m. and noon, Morgan stepped outside, still holding onto the gun. Police say they shot him when he refused to drop the gun.

One of the officers that fired at Morgan had previously taken part in Crisis Intervention Training, which teaches officers de-escalation techniques for dealing with people in mental health crises.

The officers that shot Morgan have been identified as Joshua Skipper, Edward Gonzalez and SWAT Investigator Derek Rud. It is not clear at this time which one attended the crisis training.

Three other officers that were on scene also part took in Crisis Intervention Training previously and did not fire their gun.

According to WBTV:

“Officers perceived an imminent, deadly threat and subsequently fired their weapons,” CMPD said. “The subject was immediately detained and provided medical attention before being transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds.”

After Morgan was taken into custody, officers determined Morgan's gun was an Ekol Sava Magnum 9mm PAK which looks, sounds, and operates just like a gun but does not fire live ammunition.

Morgan was charged with communicating threats.

Six months ago, the same department gained national attention when four of their officers mishandled an arrest.

Officer Jon Dunham was caught on camera holding a gun to a man's head stating that he will kill him while they were on the ground.

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"Between 10 a.m. and noon, Morgan stepped outside, still holding onto the gun."

Nice record keeping by the cops. Almost 2019 and they still are not using body cams in situations where there is no excuse not to.


How many times must this be repeated. NEVER CALL A COP FOR ASSISTANCE. It may cost YOU your life.


Never, ever, EVER call the police for assistance. May as well call for a hitman. Chances of the cops screwing up royally and killing someone are great. They see a shadow and immediately it must be a gun. Anything being held in a hand must be a gun. SHOOT DAMN IT. Before he takes our photo.


Another great example of how Stupid and Idiotic the Police are! They are almost never held accountable for their Criminal Action.

Cops Gone Rogue