New Jersey Cop Brake Checks Driver, Almost Causing Collision,

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New Jersey Cop Brake Checks Driver, Almost Causing Collision, Then Claims Man was Driving too Close

A New Jersey cop was captured on video slamming on his brakes and almost causing the car behind him to strike him from behind.

“I braked because I thought you were going to run into me,” Clifton police officer Juan Velez explained after stepping out of the car to confront the driver behind him.

What he meant to say was that he braked in the hopes the driver would run into him, which would then allow him to kill him.

That’s just how the mind of a cop works. Making any lame excuse of how they were in fear for their life to get green light to kill you.

However, Velez probably did not anticipate the driver behind him to have a dash cam, which showed that he was more than one car length away.

“How close are you going to drive behind me?” Velez asked as soon as he stepped out.

Velez ended up giving the driver, who goes by Omar B. on YouTube, three tickets; one for tailgating, one for tinted windows and one for not having a front license plate.

The New Jersey tailgating law is described as follows:

Tailgating N.J.S.A. 39:4-89 is a violation when a driver follows another vehicle more closely than reasonable considering the speed of the vehicles, the conditions of the roadway and the amount of traffic on the road.
Truck drivers commit this offense when they drive on a highway within 100 feet of another truck.
Conviction to this offense carries a fine up to $200 although the fine may be doubled in a construction zone, safe corridor or 65 MPH zone.

The incident took place on March 19, but Omar B. uploaded the video to YouTube on April 22 where it has 112,000 views at this time. Omar B. was not only driving more than a car length away, he was driving less than 30 mph.

The video has angered many viewers, who have been expressing their sentiments on the Clifton Police Department’s Facebook page.

Velez, who makes $119,558 a year, is being investigated by internal affairs, which usually means nothing.

While Velez does not come across too smart in the video and even Omar B. was questioning his education level, Velez’s Facebook page that he appears to share with his wife mentions one of them studied at Miami-Dade College.

Omar B. has been attending hearings, but rejecting plea deals because he wants all his citations dismissed. Now a trial date is scheduled for May 27.

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