New Jersey Cop Shoots Unarmed Teen Seven Times


New Jersey Cop Shoots Unarmed Teen Seven Times as Gun Mysteriously Appears on Scene Following Day

On Friday evening, a New Jersey State Trooper fired 10 rounds of gunfire at a 14-year-old boy, seven of which hit the child.  

Now, witnesses, including one who works in law enforcement, are questioning the official story.

Police shot the young teen, Radazz Hearns, in the legs and buttocks around 10:20 p.m. during a short foot chase.  Cops were on the scene responding to a report of gunfire in the area.

The department claimed that a weapon was found at the scene of the incident, but did not specify if the child actually had possession of the gun at any time.  

What is even stranger, is that no weapon was found at the scene Friday evening, only mysteriously appearing in the middle of the street near an intersection the following day.  

A witness who happens to work in law enforcement pointed out the massive problems with this story.

“The boy didn’t even come from that direction, so I don’t see how his gun could’ve been found over there near Pashley Avenue,” the woman told The Trentonian. “If the suspect was running from Pashley, then why were the rear of homes on Dunham Street hit with bullets.”

She also noted that the scene was full of people and law enforcement, including a K9 officer, and the unlikelihood of the officers not seeing a weapon which was less than 100 feet away from where the child was shot until the following day.

Sources within the department told the Trentonian on the condition of anonymity that the teen had allegedly reached for a gun in his waistband and turned and fired at police who shot back.  This story is slightly hard to wrap your mind around considering the boy was shot from behind.

The surrounding neighborhood was also terrorized by the shooting, as one bullet travelled through a family’s wall into their daughter’s bedroom and ricocheted several times before landing.

“My daughter was pretty shaken up about the situation,” the witness told the Trentonian. “A bullet went through her bedroom while she was asleep and it could have hit her. Yet, no one questioned me about anything. The way they handled things was unprofessional. They didn’t even leave me a card to call an investigator.”

She has stated that she would like to speak to investigators as she does not believe that she heard any gunshots prior to what seemed to be fired in rapid succession from the police.

At least two homes and a vehicle were struck by gunfire.

The child is wounded, but in stable condition and expected to survive.  After he was shot, witnesses say he yelled out, “Why they have to shoot me?”


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