New Jersey Cops Tried Confiscating Cameras After Mauling Man to Death

Carlos Miller

New Jersey Cops Tried Confiscating Cameras After Mauling Man to Death With Police Dog

Update 4/8/2015: New Video Surfaces Showing New Jersey Cops Siccing Dog on Non-Resisting Man, Who Ended Up Dying

New Jersey cops killed a man by mauling him with a dog before one cop turned to witnesses who were recording and demanded their phones.

But it doesn’t appear as if the Vineland cop succeeded in obtaining the phones because so far, two videos ended up published in local news sites, including one posted below in the news report as well as this much grainier video.

However, the footage from both videos cuts out after the cop demands the footage and the various news reports make no mention of what actually took place afterwards.

But from the footage that has been posted at this time, we can see that the cops were ordering 32-year-old Philip White to roll over as he lay on his back, his hands covering his face, trying to protect himself from a police dog biting away at his head and face.

At one point, a cop can be heard saying, “he tried to grab my gun,” but there is no indication in the videos that White did try to grab the cop’s gun.

Also, cops claiming suspects tried grabbing their guns as they are beating them is almost as common as cops yelling “stop resisting” as they are beating a non-resisting person.

It’s become such a cop cliche that it’s difficult to believe unless we have video evidence confirming it to be true.

According to NBC Philadelphia:

“They punched him, stomped him, kicked him and then they let the dog out of the car,” said Ricardo Garcia. “The dog bit him on his face and around his body. There’s no call for that. Once a man is handcuffed and unconscious, you should have stuck him in the patrol car and take him to the police station. Instead they decided to beat him right here.”
Another witness, Luis Martinez, also insisted White wasn’t doing anything wrong and that the officers used excessive force.
“The other cop let the dog out and they just kept punching him and the dog kept biting him at the same time,” Martinez said. “He was on the floor. Like, he was knocked out.”
A dog is heard barking on a police dispatch recording of the incident.
“118 West Grape,” the dispatcher says in the recording. “Subject…hyperventilating. Officers out.”
An officer is also heard on the recording.
“Slow all units down,” the officer says. “Subject under…tried disarming me…tried to grab my gun.”

But police insist that White remained “combative” throughout the whole altercation and was so aggressive that one cop suffered a “serious shoulder injury.”

But no cops in the video appear to be suffering any injury of any kind.

The name of the cop who tried to confiscate the phones has not been released, but one commenter in one of the articles says his name is “Officer Traveline,” claiming he falsified reports against her in the past.

The incident took place Tuesday after police responded to a call of a disorderly person. One witness said that when police confronted him, White threw a roundhouse kick, but missed the officer.

That, of course, gave the officers the license to kill him.


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