New Video Shows TX Officer Lies to Dispatch About Sandra Bland Arrest


New Video Shows Texas State Police Officer Lies to Dispatch About Sandra Bland Arrest (Updated III)

UPDATE II: In minute 25 and 26 the video shows credible evidence of technical difficulties suggesting the possibility of editing or some undisclosed technical error combination thereof, as published originally to Youtube by the Texas DPS and shown below. While the audio sounds like a continuous stream of discussion between dispatch or phone and Officer Encinia, the video below shows the tow truck driver leaving his car multiple times without going back to the cab of his wrecker. The same vehicles can clearly be seen to pass multiple times. It is unknown at this time if the irregularities signal intentional editing, technical difficulties or a combination of both. A lot can happen in 2 minutes.

UPDATE III: Academy Award Nominee Ava DuVernay also believes the Sandra Bland video to be intentionally edited.

Texas State Police have released the complete dashcam video and incident report identifying DPS Officer Brian Encinia as the patrolman who conducted a violent arrest of Sandra Bland at Taser-point, which landed the 28 year old activist in Waller County Jail and to her eventual demise a couple of mornings later under mysterious circumstances. Our original report based on a short eye witness video incorrectly cited the Waller County Sheriffs as the arresting agency.

The complete video and arrest report are below.

Officer Encinia’s lies of omission are in both his report and in his verbal recap to the Texas DPS dispatch. In fact, Officer Encinia claimed that he tried to de-escalate the situation when he encountered an unarmed woman with half of his body mass with a taser in hand.

The video below shows that Sandra Bland was pulled over for changing lanes without a signal.

It also shows Bland firmly asserting her right to record the arrest, before the rookie Texas officer demands she place her phone on the car.

Shortly afterwards, the officer escalated his use of force against Bland.

Days later officials said Bland committed suicide in jail.

Now it’s a murder investigation.

PINAC previously reported 10 Things You Need to Know about the Sandra Bland investigation – which is being conducted concurrently by the FBI now.

Encinia’s prior citizen encounter ended with a warning as seen on the video below.

Sandra Bland’s fateful encounter escalated from a warning stop when the Officer loudly demanded that she exit the vehicle.

The verbal encounter quickly escalated after the officer asked Bland why she was upset. She replied that his aggressive driving prompted her to pull into the right lane without signaling – in all likelihood she could’ve reasonably imagined that the officer was on the way to something important as he accelerated his vehicle to high speed – right when the officer closed from a distance of 1/8th of a mile to just a few car lengths.

The officer asked why Bland told him her complaint, and she replied that he asked, so she spoke.

Then Encinia noticed that Bland had a cigarette in the ashtray and demanded that she put it out.

From there the Texas state trooper made a command for Bland to step out of the vehicle – which she strenuously opposed.

When the officer demanded loudly that Sandra Bland step out of her vehicle, Bland knew her rights and asked “Why am I being apprehended?” to which the officer simply replied, “I am giving you a lawful order” without articulating any reasonable suspicion of a crime.

The officer endangered himself and lunged into the vehicle loudly exclaiming that he would drag Bland out, all the while Bland attempted to assert her 5th amendment rights to remain silent.

The Officer claimed later on that he de-escalated the situation “I allowed time to de-escalate and so forth” then started laughing shortly afterwards at whatever the dispatch said, and remarked “make a name for her” like it would be a good idea to humorously name the woman he beat up after debating if she resisted arrest or made him afraid for his life.

Being a cop he chose to charge her with the more serious offense of assaulting an officer – even though on the recording Officer Encinia can be heard telling dispatch that he didn’t have any serious injuries, just a minor scrape to the shin.

It’s debatable if he had any probable cause to make an arrest, and claimed that any traffic stop is an arrest – which is certainly not the case.

Initial reports by Waller County’s Jail claimed suicide, Sandra Bland’s cause of death is still unknown – though the original video shows major blunt force trauma claims by the victim leading to speculation of a closed head injury which we discussed with PINAC medical expert Felipe Hemming.

The video contains long stretches of silence, but in the 30 minute range contains a verbal report from Officer Encinia to his station where his obfuscations are laid bare.

Meanwhile, officers performed a complete search of Bland’s car for drugs and contraband, even though there would be no probable cause to suspect she was committing a crime.

At the 39 minute mark an ambulance arrives, and later in the video the drivers have a discussion with police, but nothing is recorded on audio, so the contents of the discussion remain unknown.

This story has been updated and will continue to be updated as we piece together more of the puzzle that is Sandra Bland’s untimely passing.


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