New Video Surfaces from LA’s Alton Sterling Shooting Showing No Gun

Carlos Miller

New Video Surfaces from Louisiana’s Alton Sterling Shooting Showing No Gun in his Hand.

An even more graphic video has surfaced of the Louisiana police shooting of Alton Sterling, showing the two cops planted on top of him when one of them pulls out a gun and shoots him multiple times in the chest.

“Get on the ground!” a Baton Rouge cop yells as Sterling is already laying on his back with his arms spread besides him, a gaping, bloody wound to his chest.

Sterling moves his left arm one final time as if to feel his chest while a cop reaches into his right pocket and pulls out his gun.

It was that gun that one cop apparently felt that prompted the other cop to shoot him dead.

The video is only 38 seconds long, but adds more context to the 48-second video that surfaced Tuesday that has led to local protests and national outcry.

As for the police body cams, Baton Rouge police claim they came loose during the struggle, so they don’t show anything significant.

But surely they would show what led to the struggle as the two available videos begin are the two cops have him pinned to the ground.

Also, it is not the first time Baton Rouge police have claimed their cameras came loose during a struggle.

Sterling, 37, was known as “CD Man” because he would sell CDs in front of a convenience store.

Early Tuesday night, somebody called police, accusing Sterling of having pulled a gun on him, which is what led to the two officers responding to the store, then pinning him.

There should also be surveillance footage from the store, but that has not been released.


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