New York Man Confronts NYPD Cop for Reckless Driving

Carlos Miller

New York Man Confronts NYPD Cop for Reckless Driving, Almost Running Over Children

Recording with his phone, a New York man confronted an NYPD cop for reckless driving, accusing him of almost running over children as he drove on a sidewalk, speeding into an apartment complex.

The video was uploaded by YouTube on Friday, but was originally posted on Facebook by a man who goes by Gesus Silverware earlier that day.

Judging from the video, the cop almost ran over the kids prior to the man recording because he is mentioning how the cop had almost hit somebody’s grandson as the unmarked car is pulling into the apartment project.

At first, the car pulls in slowly, but then floors the accelerator as at least one person can be seen moving out the way to allow it to continue driving on the sidewalk.

The man then walks up to confront the cop, who has joined several other uniformed cops who are standing around, not appearing to be doing much.

None of the cops seemed to pay him any mind except for one who tells him to “back the fuck up.”

It turns out, that cop was most likely the one driving although it was impossible to tell in the video because the driver is not visible when the car pulls in.

“You’re the one that was driving, right?” the man asks.

“Almost hit my fucking grandson, right?”

“Fucking idiot,” the man tells the cop.

The cop stays quiet, so perhaps he knew he had done wrong.


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