NJ Cop Resigns after Claiming on Video not Required to Follow Constit.

Carlos Miller

NJ Cop Resigns after Claiming on Video he is not Required to Follow Constitution Because of Obama

We can probably assume the decision came from the top. Not just the police chief but the presidential office because cops rarely get forced out of their jobs for violating the Constitution on camera.

But it took less than a week for Helmetta police officer Richard Recine to resign after a short video went viralwhere we claimed he was not required to abide by the Constitution because President Obama refuses to abide by the Constitution.

The registered democrat probably didn’t realize how good he had it because he was working part-time as a cop while collecting a $79,000 pension from his previous job as a cop at a another police department in New Jersey.

He should be thanking Obama for allowing him to double-dip on tax-funded money.

But now that he resigned, we should probably expect him to pop up at another police department where he can continue milking the system.

According to USA Today:

Special Police Officer Richard Recine, who was being investigated by the Borough of Helmetta Police Department’s internal affairs unit as a result of the video, tendered his resignation Thursday morning.
Borough Administrator Herbert Massa said the resignation was accepted by Police Director Robert Manney, who had called Recine’s comments an “embarrassment.”
Recine also is an elected official, serving on the Board of Fire Commissioners of District 2 in Piscataway, N.J., where he lives and is a registered Democrat.

The incident took place after a citizen walked into the police department complaining that a tax-funded animal shelter was not allowing them to take photos.

(Steve) Wronko and his wife have been campaigning for reform of the borough’s animal shelter. They said police have asked them to stop taking pictures and videos outside the animal shelter twice before this week’s incident.
“I tried to explain to him that since 9/11 you just can’t walk into a place and take videos,” Recine said Thursday. “All he kept on doing was saying he had civil rights, and the Constitution, and he didn’t have to give me information. And I kind of like lost my temper.”


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