NJ Cops Beat and Choke Man while Pinning him Down, Ordering him to "Roll Over!"

Carlos Miller

The cops are now being investigated by the Morris County Prosecutor's Office.

Three ​New Jersey cops pinned a teenager down on his back, grasping his neck while repeatedly punching him, pinning him down with arms and knees, ordering him to do the impossible.

"Roll over on your stomach!" the cops yelled while holding him down, forbidding him from rolling over.

"Stop resisting!" they yelled as the man was getting repeatedly punched.

Dover police say they arrested Cyprian Luke, 19, on a warrant for aggravated assault. But now the cops are being investigated and might be charged with aggravated assault themselves if an honest investigation takes place.

The video was recorded by Luke's friend, Marcus Robinson, who posted it to Facebook where it went viral.

According to ABC13:

"They didn't tell him they had a warrant for his arrest. They just tackled him to the ground. They pepper sprayed him," Christopher Luke said. "He wasn't resisting at all. He was trying to cover his face, because they kept punching him."

The Morris County prosecutor is investigating the case under supervision from the New Jersey State Attorney General's office, WABC reported.

Dozens protested the arrest on Sunday night, including Luke's friend who shot the video.

"They was just beating the crap out of him," Marcus Robinson said. "They didn't give him a chance, because he really couldn't move."

The cops have been placed on paid administrative leave and their names have not been released but at least two can be identified in the video through their name tags.

One cop is named "T. Drake" and another is named "Bojkovic," which is probably Ilmi Bojkovic, according to LinkedIn.

Bojkovic slaps the camera of one of the witnesses who is recording.


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