NJ Cops Release Bodycam Footage of them Beating Woman over Unopened Cans of Beer

Carlos Miller

Wildwood cops release videos, proving they lied about being attacked by the young woman.

Emily Weinman was minding her own business on the beach when New Jersey cops walked up to her and ordered her to blow into a breathalyzer because she was underage and there were unopened containers of beer in a cooler several feet away from her towel.

She told them the beer belonged to her aunt, who was on the way to the beach. And that she was there with her toddler and the girl's father, both who were swimming in the ocean.

But the 20-year-old mother agreed to take the breathalyzer.

And she cooperated again when they asked her to blow into the device a second time; the cop apparently unhappy that the first reading came back negative as did the second reading.

But they still wanted to know her last name and she wasn't going to give it to him.

And that is why he pounced on her, along with several other cops in an incident that was caught on video by a witness.

The videos show an out-of-control cop who became angered when stood up for her rights by refusing to provide her last name.

In the video provided by police, there is a 13 second part where the audio was removed. When it come back on, she is demanding to know how they can charge her for obstruction when she is under no legal obligation to provide it.

There was no way to connect the beer to her, so that is not an excuse to detain her.

The cops also claimed she had spat on them and kicked them in the genitals but that turned out to be a lie.

Read our report on the first video here.

Wildwood police concocted a wild story about how the 20-year-old woman spat on them and kicked them in the genitals.

No, that did not happen. Just watch the top video where the cop loses his cool because she did not bow down to his badge by providing him with her last name.

"OK, that's it, I'm done with you," the cop says. "You're about to be dropped."

She is on the phone calling out to the father of her child when he attacks her.

The cops were seasonal officers, meaning they were brought in only to work during the summer, according to NJ Advance Media.

The three videos released by police are below. An edited, shorter video is at the top of this story.

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This means they knowingly lied to the public. And they hid some of the audio in the incomplete release. WTF?

Awaiting the criminal kidnapping charges against the cops, and charges for their other violence, possibly including destruction of evidence.

Saying you are about to be dropped is a threat of violence. Cops need to go to prison when they threaten non-violent people with violence. And when the cops become violent, their victims need to be fully immunized for defending themselves.


Ever notice how quickly the police release a video if they think it clears an officer, but if it vindicates the citizen, "Oh, it can't be released because it's an ongoing investigation"?

Cops Gone Rogue