NJ Woman Attacked by Cop on Beach in Viral Video Charged with Assaulting Cop

Carlos Miller

Emily Weinman, 21, is facing several years in prison.

Despite video evidence showing a New Jersey cop body slamming a young woman for refusing to provide her last name after she passed a breathalyzer test, it was her who ended up charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.

The incident took place on Memorial Day Weekend and the case was brought before a grand jury, which decided last week to indict Emily Weinman on a total of five charges, including resisting arrest, throwing bodily fluids and obstruction, charges that can land her in prison for several years.

The Wildwood police officer, Thomas Cannon, claimed Weinman spit on him as he was beating her, but her lawyer said she was only spitting out sand from her mouth after he shoved her face into it.

Cannon also claims she kicked him in the genitals but the videos only show him punching her or chasing her or threatening to drop her.

NJ Cops Release Bodycam Footage of them Beating Woman over Unopened Cans of Beer

Cannon, who had been hired as a seasonal cop to work the summer, was making his rounds on the beach when he came across Weinman and a friend eating fruit while sitting on a blanket.

Cannon found unopened containers of alcohol in the cooler, so proceeded to give the two women breathalyzers, which they passed.

But Cannon wanted Weinman's last name to write her a citation for being a minor in possession of alcohol because she was 20 at the time.

But Weinman, now 21, said the alcohol belonged to her aunt who was on her way back to the blanket. She even told the cop he was welcome to hang around to talk to her aunt.

And then she attempted to call the father of her child, which angered Cannon.

Watch the witness video above and the bodycam video below.

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The system covers for violent cops. This is another example.

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