NM Cop Caught on Own Body Camera Stealing Marijuana from Police STA

Carlos Miller

New Mexico Cop Caught on Own Body Camera Stealing Marijuana from Police Station

New Mexico cops are renowned for not having their body cameras turned on when they kill citizens, but here’s a cop who forgot to turn his body camera off as he stole marijuana from his police station to give to his girlfriend.

That video led to the arrest of Grants police officer Rosier McKinney last week.

McKinney is also accused of stealing eight ounces of marijuana and $785 in cash that were supposed to go into an evidence locker.

But it was the body cam footage that sparked an investigation last month that led to the other allegations.

The 33-year-old cop was arrested on Wednesday, according to KOB-TV.

The article does not specify when the incident took place nor how much marijuana he was caught on camera stealing, but it was a small enough amount to fit into a pocket.

The New Mexico cop was on duty when he pocketed the weed and the camera continued to record as he drove to his girlfriend’s house to hand it to her.

His girlfriend, Tanicka Gallegos-Gonzales, 23, then gave the marijuana to her father.

McKinney was busted after Grants Police Chief Craig Vandiver discovered the footage and contacted the New Mexico State Police to investigate.

After a six-week investigation, both the cop and his girlfriend were arrested.

McKinney was charged with marijuana distribution, conspiracy and felony embezzlement and Gallegos-Gonzales was charged with drug distribution and conspiracy.

The body cam footage has not been released, but we will update this article with the video once it is released.

McKinney remains on paid administrative leave.


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