North Carolina Cop Shoots and Kills Family Dog after Showing up to Wrong Address

The dog's owner yelled at the deputy to not shoot because he doesn't bite but the deputy shot twice, killing the dog.

A North Carolina sheriff's deputy shot and killed a family dog named Rocky Monday after claiming it was approaching him "viciously."

But Rocky's owners say their dog was just being friendly.

The Union County sheriff's deputy had showed up to a wrong address when he encountered the pit bull, pulling out his gun as its owner pleaded with him not to kill the dog, telling him that it won't bite.

But the deputy shot Rocky twice.

Thai Fowls, who owned Rocky along with his wife, posted a picture of his dog lying on the pavement in a puddle of blood.

In his Facebook post, Fowls wrote that both his wife and mother told the officer to not shoot the Rocky because he will not bite the officer.

Fowls then uploaded another picture to his account of Rocky laying lifeless but this one had a Union County Sheriff patrol car in the background.

In the comments on the second picture Fowls wrote:

"For the people who say I’m lying or making this up. I don’t play like that I don’t think it’s funny. It’s not a game this dog wasn’t a pet to us he part of our family and you can’t replace family I’m just trying to raise awareness. So stop with the negativity and keep scrolling if you can’t be positive. Thank you have a blessed day!"

Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey has not addressed the shooting on the department's Facebook page, but he did address the grand opening of a state-of-the-art shooting range that took place this morning.

On that Facebook post, a woman named Becky Bilokur-Tobias, who runs a Facebook page called Justice For Colonel Shot by Llano County Sheriff' posted the following comment:

"Your sheriff was at the wrong address and shot Rocky the dog in his own driveway while hiding behind his car."

In a Facebook interview with Photography is Not a Crime today, Fowls said he and his wife were inside when a family friend came to their door and told them that they need to go outside because there is was a deputy out front.

His wife stepped outside to see what was going on and that is when Fowls heard her screaming, "don’t shoot, he won’t bite!".

"As soon as they were about a few feet away from my dog he shot twice once while he was up and again when he fell one in his neck and once in his head," Fowls said.

Fowls also said the deputy lied in the report when he claimed Rocky approached him "viciously," making him fear for his life because the bullets struck the side of Rocky’s head and neck.

It is also noticeable in the picture that the blood trail is in the driveway and not near the patrol car.

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I have got to be missing something. The cop got behind his police car and the dog kept coming at him. The owners were there saying the dog was nice which they normally are to there owner. The owners didn't stop the dog from going toward the officer even though he was a mild-mannered and I'm sure obedient dog. The dog was unrestrained. It makes a difference because the cop was at the wrong address and people just can't pull up. It was a Pittbull known for their powerful bite and the common sense response is the officer was too aggressive and acting inappropriately because if the dog bites him it wouldn't kill him. Ok then. My oldest brother had a very nice Pitbull that he loved dearly and was a darling. Always came up to you to play. My other brother went to his house to help him build a porch. For some reason, during the construction with no provocation, the Pitbull atacked my brother and ate halfway through his leg. My oldest brother loved the dog like a child but knew he had to have him put to sleep. You can take a nip from a lap dog you cant take bites from Pitt Bulls. Rhett


Just because a dog has cropped ears does mean it is used for fighting. Many breeds other than the pit bull are cropped ear breeds. Ignorant statements such as the one above are what breeds fear in uneducated people regarding cropped ear dogs. Ignorant people such as the poster above are why cropped eared dogs are shot on sight.


Why are cops such pants pissing cowards with dogs? Mailmen face way more dogs every day that cops with nothing but pepper spray to protect them but cops are grabbing their fucking guns anytime a dog looks at them. Cowards should not be given guns and power.


UseCommonSense The officer was stupid enough to be at the WRONG adress. He had no legal right to be there.If the office had not been where he had no business there would have not been a problem. What was this officer doing off leash and randomly invading peoples property?

The photo clearly shows the dead dog yards away from the patrol car. Your comment lacks common sense. Officers are public servants, they should serve law abiding citizens.


Oh, come on!....That’s a huge a** fighting dog/pit bull —cropped ears so other dogs cant clamp down on its ears. If that land shark were coming at me, I wouldnt bother with any taser...these animals are well known to withstand tasers/ baseball bats, etc...with their purposely bred, abnormally high pain thresholds. Heres my question: What was this “pet” doing off leash and charging at an officer???? Grow up and stop keeping FIGHTING DOGS, calling them “pets” and expecting us to think of them as cuddly kittens. This officer was charged at by a mauling machine, and he saved himself from becoming another pit bull statistic. Just stop with the idiocy!!