North Carolina Cops Handcuff Homeowner at Gunpoint after False Burglar Alarm

Black homeowner cuffed in his own house following security alarm response
Black homeowner cuffed in his own house following security alarm response

“I’m at home. I ain’t bother nobody.” Video shows “humiliating” confrontation when officers handcuff an African-American homeowner in his house in North...

Carlos Miller

The incident was captured on the man's security camera.

Responding to a burglar alarm at a house, North Carolina cops entered the property with their guns drawn, encountering a man at the top of the stairs in underwear who was also wielding a gun.

That man was homeowner Kazeem Oyeneyin who had just woken up and thought somebody was breaking into his house. Raleigh police officers ordered him to drop the gun down and walk down the stairs which he did.

But when he tried to explain he owned the home, he was ordered to turn around and get on his knees so they could handcuff him.

"Just turn around and put your hands behind your back and get down on your knees," the cop says.

When a sergeant and two other officers walked into his home, he tried once again to explain he lived there but the sergeant just told him to "have a seat." Police then marched him in his underwear and in handcuffs to a patrol car which was five houses away with neighbors peering through the blinds.

Oyeneyin, 31, described it to ABC News as the "most humiliating experience of my life."

With Oyeneyin sitting handcuffed in the back of the patrol car, the cops proceeded to search the home or as they describe it, to "clear" the house.

It was not until another cop who knew Oyeneyin arrived at the scene and spotted him in the back of the patrol car that he was finally released.

The incident took place on August 17 at 12:21 p.m. after a friend had left his home and triggered the alarm by accident. Oyeneyin, who works nights as a concert and hip hop promoter, said he stood up, walked down stairs to turn the alarm off before walking back upstairs and laying back down.

Twenty minutes later, he heard somebody entering his home, so he grabbed his gun and ended up in handcuffs.

He should probably learn to keep his door locked.

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looks like he will be getting a different alarm system! it looks like the alarm company failed to do a call back and ask for a password to determine if the the alarm was set off by accident.

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