North Carolina Deputy Snatches Two Phones, Fails to Snatch Third

Carlos Miller

North Carolina Deputy Snatches Two Phones, Fails to Snatch Third, as she Handcuffs Man for no Reason

As a drill instructor in the United States Marines, Natalie Barber learned she can get people to do what she wants by yelling at them.

And that technique probably still works for her today as a deputy with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office.

But it didn’t work Saturday night when she tried using it on Carlos Jaramillo, a former United States Marine combat instructor and longtime Photography is Not a Crime reader.

Frustrated that he didn’t obey her unlawful orders to “put the phone down” as he was recording her from his front porch, she ended up snatching the phone and handcuffing the 35-year-old father in front of his wife and kids, then snatching his son’s phone when he tried recording the detainment, injuring the teen’s hand and damaging his phone.

But she was unable to snatch a third phone belonging to his wife, which his son picked up and began recording from behind the screened door after his own phone was snatched.

All three clips survived, proving that Barber lied in the incident report, posted below, where she accused Jaramillo of “being aggressive” and “causing commotion and distracting me from doing my job.”

But the commotion only came from her and it only started when she refused to accept Jaramillo’s government-issued Veterans Affair card as identification, insisting on seeing his drivers license.

However, Jaramillo wasn’t driving and he was under no obligation to provide her with identification in the first place considering she had no reasonable suspicion he was committing a crime.

But Barber wasn’t about to let the law prevent her from exerting her authority.

After all, this is a woman who has already earned a reputation as being “mace happy,” according to a North Carolina commenter on Facebook who recognized her from a shortened preview video I posted last night, adding that she was locked in a cell and beaten by inmates when she worked as a guard in a New York prison before moving down south.

The incident began over a dispute with a neighbor over dogs as Jaramillo explained in an email:

We had new neighbors move in next door a few weeks ago and they have a puppy, they tend to leave him out all day in the fenced in yard adjacent to ours. Since we have a Akita that is very territorial we have spoken to the neighbors twice and asked them if they would be so kind to bring their dog inside so we can let ours out so they don’t hurt each other though the chain link fence or to please look before they let their dog out to ensure ours is not. We do not want anyones dog to get hurt.
When i arrived form work around 6:30pm my wife informed me that the neighbors dog had been out all day without food and water, she had not been able to let our dogs out and felt bad enough to give the neighbor dog a pent butter sandwich, he appeared to be very hungry from what she told me. I went over to speak with the neighbors for the 3rd time regarding the same matter as before. She pretty much told me she could leave him out all day if she wanted to, i explained to her that i did not what her dog or mine to get hurt to please pay more attention. She want having it so i just said, next time ill just call the law and animal control and walked back home.
Aprox an hour later an Onslow county deputy rang the door bell. My wife came out to see what the problem was.
To the best of my recollection this is what what said.
Deputy: Do you know why I’m here?
Me: Not a clue
Deputy: Well the neighbor called and said you had a problem with her dog or the dog being out all day.
Me: I told her what me concerns were and how i did not want any dog getting hurt, mine or the neighbors and how i told the neighbor the same as well as next time i will just call the law and or animal control.
Deputy: She is renting the property and has every right to leave her dog outside as long it is not barking and in violation of the noise ordnance.
My wife: The noise is not a problem, is that we can’t let our dogs our in fear that he may hurt their dog if he gets to close to the fence or jumps it. And their dog being outside all day without food or water.
Deputy: If your dog jumps the fence then you are responsible.
Me: I know that and that is what we are trying to avoid, we love all animals and will hate to see any of them get hurt. If my dog jumps the fence, i know i am responsible and liable. Once again, that is what we are trying to avoid ma’am.
Deputy: If this is problem of neglect the simple call animal control.
Me: That is exactly what i told the neighbor.
Deputy: Ok good, now i need to see one of your IDs.
Me: Sure no problem but why?
Deputy: Because i have to do a report.
Me: Good to go, i will get my ID but just know i don’t have to give it to you i choose not to.
Deputy: Raised her voice. Yes you do! Get me your ID card.
I noticed things were about to go south real quick so i told the deputy “I’m reaching I’m my pocket for my phone”
Me: No, I’m just recording this for my safety.

The video picks it up from there where you will hear Barber say things like “for my safety, put the phone down” and “no need to record this” and “I will take everybody’s phone and I will take everybody in.”

The video ends up with a much more professional deputy arriving and sorting it all out, even though there really wasn’t anything to sort out until Barber lost her temper.

Jaramillo, who was placed in the back of her car with his hands cuffed behind him, was released with no charges.

He complained to her supervisors, but they told him that Barber was justified in her actions because she was in fear for her life.

Call Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown at (910) 455-3113, ext. 4000. More numbers here.

UPDATE: Listen to Sheriff Ed Brown as he tries to encourage Jaramillo to come into his office so he can obviously intimidate him into backing down.


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