NY Cop Serving Probation Despite Four Women Accusing Him

Carlos Miller

New York Cop Serving Probation Despite Four Women Accusing Him of Sexual Assault

The way Chester Thompson describes it, he is simply irresistible to the ladies; a Syracuse police officer who could not don a uniform without women throwing themselves upon him, including one woman who grabbed his genitals while letting out a “squeal of excitement.”

That woman – who had called police to report her missing daughter, only to lose concern for her daughter upon feeling his genitals – directed Thompson to the couch and ordered him to unbuckle his pants so she could perform oral sex on him, according to his statements to internal affairs.

Thompson said he had no choice but to oblige, allowing the mother of four to devour his penis, even though he was on the clock on that Valentine’s Day in 2015.

But Maleatra Montanez painted a completely different story, claiming that Thompson pulled out his penis and ordered her to suck it. He then ordered her to grab a condom, which was when he bent her over and raped her in front of her infant son.

It was a reoccurring theme for then-46-year-old police officer who had already been “counseled” six months earlier by a supervisor after another woman, Kimi Fletcher, accused him of forcing her to perform oral sex on him after she had called police for help.

Both women claimed they were intimidated into having sex with him, but Thompson claims the encounters were consensual.

Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said that because there is no evidence of the women resisting his sexual advances, he was unable to charge Thompson with felony sexual assault.

Instead, he struck a plea deal with the officer where he pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor official misconduct, receiving three years probation in December 2015. The 18-year veteran police officer, who is married with children, also lost his job where he was making a base salary of $67,438.

Fitzpatrick, if you recall, is the same district attorney who filed harassment charges against a man for recording another Syracuse cop in the line of duty.

In May, Montanez filed a $7 million lawsuit against the Syracuse Police Department.

Since then, two more women have come forward. And there may be many more.

Both Shakina Thompson and Liz Elbayadi said they never came forward before because they figured nobody would take their word against a cop.

According to the New York Daily News, Shakina Thompson, 30, who is not related to the cop, said he responded to a domestic dispute in her home ten years earlier, then intimidated her into having sex.

As he did with Fletcher, he would return to her home and have sex and she obliged, feeling pressured by a man with a badge and a gun.

Then there is Liz ElBayadi, who told the Daily News that in 1997 when she was celebrating her 18th birthday, she was confronted by Thompson for underage drinking.

In exchange for not arresting her, he forced her into a port-a-potty, bent her over and raped her from behind.

Prosecutors have interviewed the last two women about their experiences, but have not filed additional charges against Thompson, who is now working for a pool maintenance company called Blue Camel Water & Pools.

Prosecutors also said they never requested Thompson’s personnel file during their investigation, insisting that it would not have helped their case, even though it can likely contain reports of other complaints.

The New York Daily News requested his personnel file through a public records request, but a police attorney rejected that request, saying it was protected under privacy laws.


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