NYPD Crushed Man’s Testicle, Complaint States

Alexandra Gratereaux

NYPD Crushed Man’s Testicle, Complaint States.

A Brooklyn man has filed a complaint against the New York Police Department after claiming a cop in the NYPD savagely crushed one of his testicles with a boot, damaging his scrotum.

The Daily News says the department filed an Internal Affairs Bureau investigation after Corey Green, 33, had surgery at the local Bellevue Hospital in the Manhattan.

On Sunday, doctors worked tirelessly to restore the blood flow to Green’s groin, according to his attorney Sanford Rubenstein.

“This is certainly an outrageous example of wrongdoing and we are calling on the Brooklyn district attorney’s office to present evidence to a grand jury,” said Rubenstein.

Green’s version of what took place last Saturday evening differs completely from the officer’s tale of what happened last weekend in the bustling neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

An NYPD spokesperson says the Green was fleeing the police, who were allegedly looking into a robbery of a food deliveryman, when he ran into scaffolding.

But Green and his lawyer say this is not what occurred.

Rubenstein told the Internal Affairs investigators earlier this week that the officers violently broke into his client’s home at gunpoint and ordered him and the rest of the others in his apartment to exit the building where they wanted to include him in a lineup on the street for the robbery victim.

NYPD officers claim Green and four other gentlemen were already standing in front of the building when they came searching for the thief and approached them.

According to Rubenstein, the victim identified one of the gentleman in the lineup. Since Green was not identified, he began walking away thinking he was free to go and that is when things took a turn for the worse.

“One of the police officers grabbed him by the shoulder and the neck and threw him to the ground, and a second officer kicked him,” Rubenstein said.

Law enforcement officials claim Green was wanted for an outstanding warrant tied into a DWI arrest. He was transported to a nearby Precinct, where he voiced his discomfort and pain in his groin area. He was taken to Bellevue, where doctors later found his injuries to be more severe.


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