NYPD Nabs Wrong Teen in "Shots Fired" Call, Falsely Charge him with Crime anyway

The teen was minding his own business but now he is fighting at least one criminal charge.

Seventeen-year-old Nicholas Simon was strolling down the sidewalk dribbling a basketball last week when a group of New York City cops pulled up next to him, hopped out of the car and grabbed him.

A surveillance video shows several cops forcing him on the ground, then planting their knees on his head and back. Another cop car pulls up with more cops pouring out.

The teen had been walking home after playing basketball in the park. Now he was in handcuffs in the back of a patrol car with no understanding why.

"Where's the gun?" the cops asked Simon, according to News 12.

Simon told them he had no idea what they were talking about. After realizing they had nabbed the wrong guy, they issued him a citation for disorderly conduct.

Simon, who at 5-foot, 3-inches and weighing 119 pounds is small for his age because he has sickle cell anemia. His family says he has never been arrested.

His Instagram page shows he is an active DJ known as DJ Nick who plays parties and records songs. But he also posted a photo of himself last January from a hospital bed where he was being treated for his sickle cell anemia. ​

​​According to News 12:

His mom says she never received a call of his arrest and learned of it from neighbors. Police issued a summons for disorderly conduct to the teen.

Simon has sickle cell anemia and asthma. When his mom tried to tell police at the 71st Precinct, she claims she got the cold shoulder.

The family has hired an attorney who plans to clear the charges and file a lawsuit against the NYPD. Sources tell News 12 there was an incident of shots fired nearby where four people were arrested. Simon was taken into custody but received a summons when officers determined he was not involved in the incident.

The attorney appears to be Keith White who posted the video on Instagram along with the following description which says he was also charged with "conduct threatening to the safety of others" but that appears to be part of the fabricated disorderly conduct charge.

Nicholas Simon is a 17 year old DJ and Student. He has a serious medical condition that prevents him from attending regular high school classes, so he’s home schooled. He’s 5’3” and 119 lbs.
This is Nicholas in this video. Nicholas has never had any trouble with the law.

On this day, Nicholas was coming home from the park when police officers from the 71st Precinct in Brooklyn, New York, ran up to him and kidnapped him without cause. While being kneeled on and placed in a wrestling hold, Nicholas was interrogated. Nicholas’ medical condition requires that he stay hydrated, however, when Nicholas asked for water he was denied. When Nicholas’ mother and other concerned members of the community arrived at the precinct to inquire about his arrest and his well-being, they were disrespected, denied access and scoffed at.
Nicholas was eventually charged with Disorderly Conduct and Conduct Threatening to the Safety of others. But the video speaks for itself.

Simon says he still has bruises from when the cops planted their knees on him. The NYPD did not provide a statement to local media.

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Brave girl in the yellow dress.




So glad the NYPD Criminals did not kill innocent kid but the Thug Cops need to be dragged into Federal Court for Justice!


Can't even walk down the street without being a target. Didn't they learn ANYTHING from How they SEE US? If Ur goal was to make NY off tourist visit,... Well done.

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Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

There’s no such other way to put it out but these people are just simply fucking animals.😎


Cops know they were wrong so they gave him some charges to fight while they run out the clock on the statute of limitations to sue