NYPD Officers Removed From Post for Arresting USPS Mailman


NYPD Officers Removed From Post for Arresting USPS Mailman Delivering Packages

Four NYPD officers have been removed from their post, after arresting a mailman who was delivering a parcel after the postal worker Glenn Grays, criticized their bad driving.

Now the whole world knows.

And NYPD has yet name the four officers.

In the video below, which went viral last week, the cops can be seen taking Grays downtown and leaving his USPS truck unlocked and double-parked. The officers surrounded him and demanded his identification to which Grays responded “its right there on the side of the truck”

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton stated that the Internal Affairs Bureau is looking to figure out a rationale for the arrest, about which he has “strong concerns,” particularly surrounding why the four NYPD cops — assigned to a conditions unit whose members usually work in uniform — were in plainclothes.

The department is also looking at the actions of the booking officer at the 71st Precinct station according to Bratton.

Mailman Glenn Grays wants an apology from Bratton and his department.

How many innocent citizens are convicted on these kind of trumped up criminal charges on the testimony of officers with a vendetta?

Three of the four officers are named in civil rights violations complaints for other false arrests and misconduct charges, causing growing concern about the officers involved in this incident.

Among those complaints filed in federal court, one of the same officers allegedly participated in a noise complaint response, when the resident refused to allow officers entry, the NYPD officer barged in, knocking the woman down, and arresting her.

There were 78 complaints filed last year against the 71st precinct according to statistics released by NYPD’s Citizen Complaint Board.

The four NYPD cops almost bashed Grays, who working and in uniform as a USPS delivery driver, for refusing to submit to a “stop and frisk” aka a Terry Stop, which wasn’t legally performed since the officers never articulated reasonable suspicion of a crime.

In fact, Grays was charged only with resisting arrest and no other crime.

Grays probably knew the whole incident was police overreaction too, his wife is a cop.

The incident plainly that shows the four NYPD officers overreacted to Grays expressing his displeasure, because he was almost being hit by the officers’ vehicle.


The NYPD officers involved in the incident are part of a purportedly elite group of NYPD officers who police for “Quality of Life”issues.

Those “quality of life” problems range from panhandling to unlicensed street vending, which even covers non-criminal offenses.

Yet in New York City, almost all offenses, large and small end up with a ride to the station house as exhibited by this incident.

How many of them go undisputed because of the lack of video evidence?

A quote from Incite-national.org

The idea of “order maintenance” policing has its roots in the “broken windows” theory, which claims that tolerating minor infractions encourages serious violent crime by “signaling that the community is not in control.”

Matt Modafferi of United States Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General, previously responded PINAC News about this incident saying “Our agency is aware of the incident. We have an investigation that’s ongoing, at this point, that’s all that I can comment on.”

This incident puts aggressive policing center stage in front of an ongoing national debate about police reforms.

It shows how easy it is for rouge police officers who are offended by anything can at best attempt to ruin someone’s life, or at worse succeed.

How many more incidents like this occur throughout our nation on a daily basis?

This is why citizens must always film the police, because without video evidence, it could happen to you too.


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