NYPD Sergeant Suspended After Throwing Semen At Female Co-Worker


NYPD Sergeant Suspended After Throwing Semen At Female Co-Worker Crush to Earn Her Attention.

An NYPD sergeant with the Organized Crime Control Bureau has been suspended, but not arrested, after throwing semen at a co-worker because he “liked her.”

Sergeant Michael Iscenko, 54, had previously told the victim, a civilian administrative aide in her 60s, that he liked her.

The deranged cop decided to show that affection in January by sexually assaulting her.

His victim had just left the ladies restroom and was heading back to her office when Iscenko crept up behind her and threw something on the woman’s leg and her shoe.

“She suddenly felt something on her leg, looked down, and said to him, ‘What are you doing?’” a source told the New York Post.

Iscenko did not respond to her question, and walked away without saying a word.

“He was apparently so enamored by her that he threw semen on her,” a source from 1 Police Plaza told the New York Daily News.

The woman went and immediately filed a complaint with her supervisors, who sent a sample of the substance out to be tested, it turned out to be semen- though it was not known whose. The incident took place in January, yet the department did not obtain a warrant for a DNA sample from Iscenko until this past Monday.

People who know the sergeant, a recent divorcee who lives in Queens, that they wouldn’t have pegged him as a pervert, because of the way he dresses.

“Everyone who has been questioned says he looks very professional; he wears the uniform well,” the source said. “ This is not some creepy looking pervert. He’s entirely normal looking.”

The rate at which we are having to report on sexual assaults and rapes by police officers could lead one to believe that the uniform itself is indicative of being a creepy looking pervert. Not even those on their own side of the thin blue line are safe from the violent whims of the police.

At least part of the incident was captured on security camera, but the view of Iscenko was partly obstructed by the victim standing in front of him.

The District Attorney is investigating the incident along with NYPD’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, there have not been any charges filed yet.


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