Oakland School Security Guard Exposed as Liar by Student Dash Cam

Carlos Miller

Oakland School Security Guard Exposed as Liar by Student Dash Cam.

A security guard at an Oakland high school accused a student of striking the car of a school employee with his car even though the student’s dash cam shows the employee backing up into his car.

The collision, if we can even call it that, was minor, leaving possible scratches, but there is no doubt that the school employee backed up into the student.

However, the Dewey Academy security guard was apparently not aware the student had a dash cam, prompting him to accuse the student of driving his car into the other car, most likely to protect the employee.

When the student informed the security guard that his camera captured the incident, the security guard continued to insist that the student was at fault.

The security guard then resorted to claiming there was no visible damage and perhaps he was right, but he was already caught in one lie.

The video was uploaded Saturday to a YouTube channel called DashCam_BayArea with the following description:

The security guard you see in this video said MY CAR Hit Her Car. He’s lying to help his staff member get out of an sticky situation. Staff gotta help staff right? Well, that’s what he’s trying to do. Lie his way out so I won’t file a claim with my insurance company.
3:04 He states that “My car was coming down when she had her car in reverse”
My car was stopped. Then she put it in reverse and hit my car. There he goes. Lie again.

The video is the only video on the DashCam_BayArea YouTube channel, so it appears as if the student launched it just to post this video.

We hope to see more citizens investing in dash cams and would like to know which ones you recommend if you have purchased any.



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