Off-Duty California Deputy Threatens Teen at Gunpoint for Playing Music too Loud

Nardos Araya

An unidentified deputy apparently ran from a nearby baseball field to order teens to turn off their music at gunpoint.

A “big bully” Orange County sheriff’s deputy as one witness described him is on administrative leave after threatening a group of teens with a handgun for playing their music too loudly last month.

The officer was off duty and didn’t immediately identify himself as a cop when he pulled up on the group on October 12 at a skate park in San Clemente, California. The unnamed cop, whose identity is being withheld by the sheriff's department, demanded the group turn off their loud music, but the teens said they would only turn it down, “trying to be respectful,” Patrick O'Connor told Fox 11.

Apparently, things escalated when a boy named Cole teased the cop after their encounter. In the cell phone footage of the incident, the cop is seen charging at a boy holding a skateboard, but it’s unclear what’s being said. When the teen holds up his board in defense, the cop takes that as his cue to whip out his own method of defensive – a gun.

“He was coming up to a friend very fast and aggressive, so my other friend jumped in and put his hand out for him to stop,” Koa McClung told CBSLA. “My other friend held up his skateboard for him to stop, then the guy pulled a gun and said, ‘I’ll shoot you in the f–king face if you don’t stop.’”

The deputy is later seen in the video defending his actions and flashing his apparent police badge, finally identifying himself as a cop.

“He’s lucky he didn’t get shot,” the man said to an adult on the scene and repeated to the 16-year-old who retreated from the cop with his hands raised as soon as he saw the gun. His mercy plea didn’t matter though because the cop backed the teen into a fence, forcing him down on one knee while the deputy towered over him.

“I was right next to the kid that he pulled the gun on,” Sage McClung told CBSLA. “The officer wasn’t acting like an officer, just a big bully.”

According to the county’s public affairs director, the police department’s internal investigation will be sent to the Orange County District Attorney once completed.

“Orange County Sheriff’s Department employees are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism on and off-duty,” Carrie Braun said in a statement.

As for the victim of this cop’s harassment, the teen’s parents are asking for witnesses to come forward with any recording and evidence to bolster their court case against him. Although the parents are unable to give an interview until a decision has been reached, other parents from the neighborhood have voiced their support for the family.

“It’s appalling and terrifying because sometimes we do leave are kids here [at the skate park] unchaperoned to be with their friends,” one mother said.

While kids may continue to skate and hang out with friends at the park, FOX11 reports the teen threatened by the cop is too afraid to return.

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we investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong! so we send a watered down report to the DA and recommend (threaten) that no charges be filed....

if you notice that the cop was holding the gun close to his body as if to keep it hidden from others. the only reason for a cop to do that , is because he knows he doesn't have the right to pull a gun in the first place! i have seen this tactic in other cop videos and the cops got in trouble for pulling guns unlawfully.

the worst that will happen to this piggy will be getting fired!


Hmm, gun out and didn't immediately identify himself as a jackboot, in Arizona an armed citizen would have been withing their right to defend the kids. I mean, feared for muh life and those of my fellow citizens, right? With it being commiefornia, one really doesn't have a chance there, I avoid the place at all costs.


Time for us to jump in and beat down these rogue cops. No more free rides for America's largest criminal enterprise, police. Sorry, if a cop, or anyone really, pulls a gun without cause, time for others in the crowd to pull theirs if they have one. Shoot or disarm the bastard. Then beat the living crap out of him. Show him what fear really is. When is enough finally enough?

Cops Gone Rogue