Off-Duty Cop Wrestles, Slams Woman Into Car After Fender-Bender

Andrew Meyer

Off-Duty Cop Wrestles, Slams Woman Into Car After Fender-Bender

After video of a man wrestling a woman and throwing her against a car came to light Tuesday, the San Jose Police Department issued a warrant – for the woman’s arrest.

Of course the man “being assaulted” was none other than an off-duty San Jose Cop in plainclothes. The officer reportedly approached the woman – without identifying himself as a police officer – after a fender bender between their cars.

Rather than write down their license plate number and take it from there, as many of us would do, he proceeded to attack what appears to be a teenage girl.

During the struggle, he yells out that he is a cop, but to the casual observer, he looks to be a sadistic abductor. But without the help of his gun, taser, pepper spray or handcuffs, the officer was no match for the woman.

Especially once her sister steps in and frees her from the officer’s clutches.

As the two females run to their car to make their getaway from this apparent madman, the officer finally pulls out what appears to be a badge and attempts to show them as they drive away.

It was the officer’s first apparent identification of himself as law enforcement.

Where the police would normally arrest a man who approached a person after a fender bender and initiated physically violence, the as yet unnamed officer is of course given immunity by his police department, while the woman he assaulted now has a warrant out for her arrest for a “hit and run,” and for using force against the officer.

Of course, the San Jose PD’s backing of this action is unsurprising for a department that currently employs the officer who tweeted, “Threaten me or my family and I will use my God given and law appointed right and duty to kill you. #CopsLivesMatter.”

Officer Phillip White, who also wrote he would be off-duty at the movies with his gun if anyone “feels they can’t breathe or their lives matter,” was given the San Jose PD’s harshest in-house penalty. Paid time off.

A San Jose police spokesperson confirmed the man was a cop, but didn’t offer any more details, which indicates the girls did not attack him first as some are speculating because that would be the first thing mentioned.

Sgt. Heather Randol, a San Jose police spokeswoman, said an internal investigation showed no wrongdoing on the part of the officer and that warrants are out for the the two women’s arrests. She did not release their names or confirm that they were sisters.

The incident took place in September but was not posted on the internet until this week, so it appears that they did not issue the warrant until then. The cop may not have even reported it until it came to light.


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