Officer Leaves Strip Club, Hits Stripper’s Car Flees Scene of Accident

Alexandra Gratereaux

Award-Winning Florida Officer Leaves Strip Club, Hits Stripper’s Car, Flees Scene of Accident.

A Florida cop had a little too much fun at a local strip club when he crashed into one of the employee’s car and quickly left the scene of the accident.

Sgt. Bruce Connors, 36, who is a cop in Kissimmee, Florida left the scene after striking the car of a bartender at Lido Cabaret strip club. According to the Orlando Sentinel, he was taken off duty on Oct.30 and set on paid administrative leave. The naughty cop makes $66,000 a year.

Internal Affairs is currently investigating the incident.

Connors was seen in surveillance footage goofing off with two other male companions in the parking lot before he got into his pickup truck, slammed the employee’s car and took off.

The footage then shows one of the employees, in a thong, corset and heels, running after Connors. The Kissimmee based cop hit a 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass sedan on Oct. 9.

Last January, Connors was given an award by his department for being employee-of-the-month.

“Connors has distinguished himself within the department by proving that he is a hardworking, strong leader and team player. His can-do attitude and willingness to help is second to none,” records show. “He is a true team player and great leader, who displays a high degree of dedication to his position and his department.”

Since Connors frequented the strip club, the owners knew where he lived and who he was. A week before the incident, Connors left the club without paying his hefty bar tab. Since the club’s policy is for people drinking to give a valid credit card and driver’s license until the bill is paid in full, the bar’s office manager gave a photo of Connor’s license to the Kissimmee Police Department.

In the surveillance video, released by the Brevard-Seminole State Attorney’s Office, Connors is seen with two other male friends leaving the club before the hit-and-run. He goofs off boxing in the parking lot as he kicks off his sandals and drops his keys. After picking up his keys he is seen getting into his car and taking off; immediately hitting the car next to him.

“The defendant struck the Oldsmobile, stopped, changed the direction of his front wheels, drove further continuing to strike,” a Brevard County Sheriff’s investigator wrote after seeing the footage. “The defendant stopped for a moment, then fled the scene.”

Moments later, Jessica Bruce, who owns the car, is seen running after Connors’ truck. There was damages to Bruce’s front bumper, hood, driver’s side fender and wheel well.


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