Ohio Cop Caught on Camera Terrorizing Family in Bizarre Video

Carlos Miller

Ohio Cop Caught on Camera Terrorizing Family in Bizarre Video (Updated)

A bizarre video from Ohio is quickly going viral on Youtube, showing a cop holding three citizens at gunpoint (or maybe it was just a Taser) for apparently asking him to move from their driveway.

But that is just based on the Youtube description. It’s still not exactly clear what took place before the video to prompt such a hostile reaction from the cop, but several witnesses can be heard calling 911, so you can imagine how out of control the cop appeared to be.

Noticing the witnesses, the Washington Township cop orders them back inside their homes, which is a common police tactic when they are committing unlawful acts.

At one point in the video, the cop walks up to a witness trying to place a call and yanks the phone out of his hand, tossing it on a nearby lawn where the man just retrieves it. The Youtube description simply states the following:

cop pulled somebody over and blocked neighbors driveway, neighbor comes home and asks cop to move vehicle..this is what happens.

Another commenter stated the following:

These people on the ground were not even the ones being pulled over. They stopped bc the cop was blocking the driveway and while the driver got out to get the babies out of the back the cop went postal and told him to get back in his truck but then came and started jerking him out with a taser in one hand and hand gun at the other pointed at them and the 3 children in the back seat. The people work, pay taxes, volunteer to many cancer foundations and mind you they all have clean records.

The video was posted yesterday and has been viewed more than 11,000 times, so it’s only a matter of time before the local media gets wind of it and hopefully provides more details.UPDATE: Here is the scoop from Toledo News Now:

Aaron Tatkowski says he spent Sunday with his family, and when he returned home, he noticed his daughter-in-law had been pulled over by a Washington Township Police officer.

The police report states Cassandra Meyers was cited for a license plate violation. Tatkowski says he didn’t like the way the officer was talking to Meyers, so he questioned the officer about his behavior.

“He hollered for me to get back in my truck, so I got back in my truck,” Tatkowski said. “Next thing you know, I’m yanked out of the truck and it made my girlfriend say a few things.

He yanked her out of the truck.” Tatkowski says the officer threw him, his girlfriend, his daughter-in-law, and 14-year-old son to the ground.

The police report says commands were not listened to, so Officer Hart got out his taser and handgun. Tatkowski says he complied with Hart, but worried for his two granddaughters, who were still in his truck, so he asked witnesses to start recording what was happening.


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