Ohio Cop Detains Daughter's Black Boyfriend and tells him: "We'll Make Shit Up"

Nathan Dimoff

The white cop was looking for his daughter as he threatened her black boyfriend with arrest. She was in the back seat.

​A Georgia cop was fired for threatening to arrest his daughter's boyfriend on false charges, telling him, "we'll make shit up as we go."

All because Lorain police officer John Kovach Jr. was looking for his daughter, who was in the back seat of her boyfriend's car the entire time he conducted his "investigation."

The incident took place on April 16 and was captured on dashcam video, showing he pulled over his daughter's boyfriend's car while in uniform and with flashing lights.

His daughter, 18, who was sitting in the back seat during the stop, remained quiet, obviously not wanting anything to do with her father.

But he did not spot her until more than five minutes after threatening her boyfriend with arrest.

The video shows him approaching the car and telling his daughter’s boyfriend Makai Coleman, 18, to get out because he’s “going to jail.”

Coleman proceeds to ask why he was being arrested and Kovach responds: “Have a seat in my car. We’ll make shit up as we go.”

Kovach then gets into an argument with the mother of two of the teenagers inside the car, Gloria Morales, threatening to arrest her if she is harboring his daughter.

He attempts to gain access to the house by telling Morales that his daughter's computer is inside.

At first, she agrees but changes her mind and tells him he would need a warrant after he threatens to give her daughter a $300ticket for not wearing her seat belt.

Five minutes and ten seconds into the video, you can hear Morales threatening to call 911 on Kovach.

"Call 911 and you're going to jail. This is not an emergency," Kovach responds.

Five and a half minutes into the video, Kovach realizes that his daughter Katlyn Kovach, 18, in the backseat the whole time.

"She's in the car," he says. "I didn't even see you."

He then orders her out of the car and into the back of the patrol car, telling her boyfriend he is now free to go.

"Goodbye, goodbye," Kavach says to Coleman after opening the door to his patrol unit.

Once Coleman exits, Kovach pushes his daughter into the back seat and shuts the door.

His daughter can be seen bouncing around, demanding to be released as she is 18 and stating he has no cause to put her in the back of his car.

While all of that was going on, Kovach had been dispatched to a road rage incident, according to The Chronicle.

Kovach told Lt. Dan Smith he called another officer after receiving information on the road rage and that the other officer told him there was no need for him to respond, but there is no evidence of that conversation taking place.

Coleman told Smith that Kovach called him a week before the traffic stop, threatening to pull warrants on him as well as threatening to talk to his army recruiter.

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Another DoucheBag Blue Isis cop who should be arrested and be held accountable with a trial! Better yet lock him up!


Also John Kovach Jr pretty much kidnapped his 18-year-old daughter and claimed she was suicidal as well!


The boyfriend should file a lawsuit against the department for unlawful arrest. Should also be able to blow right thru qualified immunity. No reason for him to be pulling that and glad the department realized that he was a loose cannon.


"Kovach told Lt. Dan Smith he called another officer ... there is no evidence of that conversation taking place." Is he being charged for lying to a police officer, or is this another case of one set of laws for us, one set of laws for cops?

"we'll make shit up as we go." Typical cop behavior.

Cops Gone Rogue