Ohio Cop Reprimanded for Flipping Man off with Middle Finger

Nathan Dimoff

Toldeo Police Sergeant James Taylor receives a slap on the wrist for cursing and pointing his middle finger.

In an eight-minute video posted online in March, Toledo Police Sergeant James Taylor is seen cursing at a man named Corvin English as well as flipping him off with his middle finger.

The reason behind the police presence is that 911 received a call regarding a noise complaint at a recording studio.

Within ten seconds into the video, English tells Taylor to stop approaching because he feels threatened.

English: Can you please stop walking up on me, I feel threatened.

Taylor: I don't give a shit if you feel threatened or not.

English: I feel threatened.

Taylor: I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck. I don't care. I don't care. Feel threatened all you want.

The video cuts into another scene of Taylor in his patrol unit pointing the middle finger at English.

"Put that on your Facebook... You are a fucking criminal," Taylor says.

English zooms into the officers car and asks him to repeat what he said.

"You're a piece of shit criminal," Taylor says.

A minute and ten seconds into the video, the officers attempt to block the recording by flashing their flash light into the camera. Another officer claims the camera's light is blinding him while Taylor is seen still flashing his flash light into the lens.

Two minutes into the video, English asks why there were only white officers present and if there were no black officers that work at night. Taylor responds with a confused look on his face.

Two minutes and forty five seconds into the video, you can hear police sirens in the background while English states that it was four in the morning.

Four minutes and forty five seconds into the video, you can see officers use a crowbar to break into the recording studio without a warrant.

Six minutes and twenty seconds into the video, you can see Taylor attempt to knock a camera out of a persons hands.

The video ends with English laying in cuffs and showing the damage to the door.

English described this police presence as ongoing for three months of harassment of those at his music studio.

Toledo police already disciplined Taylor for discourteous treatment to the public by giving him a verbal reprimand.

“There's a big distrust with law enforcement. There's a big disconnect. And we want to facilitate fixing that disconnect and that gap,” Sir Maejor Page, president of Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta, said as protesters gathered at Mayor Kapszukiewicz office.


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