Oklahoma Cop Shoot Unarmed Man Pointing Finger at Him in Form of Gun

Carlos Miller

Watch: Oklahoma Cop Shoot Unarmed Man Pointing Finger at Him in Form of Gun

Last month, an Oklahoma cop shot and killed an unarmed man after investigators said the man made a “threatening move” towards the officer.

This week, a body cam video shows the man pointing his finger at the cop in the form of a gun.

That was enough to make Wagoner police officer Robert Reynolds fear for his life, a man who apparently never played cops and robbers as a child.

“You’re going to have to kill me, nigga!” shouted Andrew Henson after ramming his vehicle into Reynold’s patrol car, then stepping out into the street.

Reynolds wasted no time in killing him, shooting him several times before watching him fall to the street and die.

It was an obvious case of suicide-by-cop, which is one of the most efficient manners for a suicidal person to follow through on their desire to die.

Henson, 25, had a felony burglary warrant out of Mississippi when Reynolds attempted to pull him over for a traffic violation on June 7.

Henson then led Reynolds on a 20-minute chase with speeds reaching 100 mph before the suspect rammed the cop’s car, causing his own vehicle to flip over.

“Mr. Henson failed to comply with the commands he was given and he reacted to what he perceived,” Chief Bob Haley told News On 6.

Reynolds commands were to “show me your hands,” which he did, but only in the form of a gun.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting as Reynolds remains on paid administrative leave, but there is little doubt it will be ruled justified.

But the shooting is troubling considering Reynolds failed to distinguish a hand formed into the shape of a gun from a real gun. We’ve already seen several instances of cops shooting people holding phones, cameras and wallets, fearing they could be guns.

Now a person does not even have to hold an object in his hand to scare the cop into thinking he is pointing a gun.


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