Oklahoma Cops Threaten to Arrest Widow of Police Abuse Victim

Carlos Miller

Oklahoma Cops Threaten to Arrest Widow of Police Abuse Victim After She Calls Them “Pigs” on Facebook Live Video.

Nair Rodriguez recorded five Oklahoma police officers killing her husband in a movie theatre parking lot in 2014 before they confiscated her camera.

Now those same cops are trying to get her charged with “inciting violence” after she called them “pigs” in a Facebook Live video.

The five Moore police officers claim the video made them fear for their lives.

But the 18-minute video, reposted below, reveals she was only venting about not being allowed to attend a deposition of one of the cops who killed her husband.

She was also frustrated at having no income after her husband’s death and being unable to find a job.

All she was doing was asking for help, but the cops and their attorney twisted that into saying she was asking for help to murder the cops.

Her husband, Luis Rodriguez, who was only trying to diffuse an argument between his wife and daughter the night of Valentine’s Day 2014 when police intervened and pounced on him, leading to his death.

According to News OK:

After being barred from attending the deposition of a Moore police officer she blames for the death of her husband, Nair Rodriguez was feeling particularly desperate and upset one morning right before Christmas, when she decided to vent her frustrations on Facebook, she said.
Using the video-streaming platform Facebook Live, Nair Rodriguez began broadcasting an angry rant against the police officers and the legal process while sitting in her car parked in front of the law office in downtown Oklahoma City. Wearing bright red lipstick and aviator sunglasses, she is visibly distraught throughout the 18-minute video.
“I am desperate, I need help,” she said in the video, which she posted to the “Justice for Luis Rodriguez Not in Vain” Facebook page. “Please, I need help. Can somebody out there, out of this state of Oklahoma help me?”
Her husband, Luis Rodriguez, died after a scuffle with police in the parking lot of the Moore Warren Theater in 2014 on Valentine’s Day. She’s suing, saying police and theater security guards used excessive force against her husband, causing his death.
In a cellphone video Nair Rodriguez took the night her husband died, Luis Rodriguez can be heard saying “I can’t breathe” while police held him down.
“She made comments about her ‘husband killers’ and ‘won’t somebody please help me’ — in this day and age this could mean a number of things,” said David Kirk, an attorney who represents the Moore Warren Theater and three off-duty game wardens who were working as security guards at the theater the night of Luis Rodriguez’s death.
“A number of people involved in the lawsuit thought that was tremendously inappropriate and we felt the need to act. We don’t think it was very nice of her to threaten the lives and safety of our clients,” Kirk said.

Clearly, these cops are precious little snowflakes that have no business in law enforcement.

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn cleared the cops of any wrongdoing four months after the incident, claiming they had the right to pounce on Luis Rodriguez because he would not produce identification and instead, took an “aggressive stance” towards the cops.

But Nair Rodriguez said her husband was chasing after her after she had slapped her daughter and stormed off. And that he was only trying to step around the cops to get to his wife before she got in their car and drove off.

But the cops responded by throwing him to the ground and piling on top of him, yelling at him to “stop resisting” as his wife pulled out her phone to record.

A grainy, surveillance video of the incident can be seen here.

An autopsy conducted by the Cleveland County Medical Examiner concluded that Luis Rodriguez died from “cardiac arrhythmia due to physical restraint,” basically blaming the victim for his heart not being able to withstand five cops piling on top of him while choking, punching and kneeing him.

However, a private autopsy conducted by a doctor hired by the Rodriguez family determined that the 44-year-old man died from “asphyxia caused by restricted respiration caused by external forces.”

In other words, he was choked to death.

Nair Rodriguez filed a lawsuit, which is still pending. She says that she had no income because of her husband’s death and that nobody has been willing to hire her, adding to her stress.

So when she was denied entry into the deposition of her husband’s killer on December 20, she took to Facebook Live to vent her frustrations on the Justice for Luis Rodriguez Facebook page.

“As you hear, here on the 13th floor is where they are conducting the depo of Joseph Bradley, the killer, the one who asphyxiated Luis and he is still free of responsibility,” she said in the video.

“This is the system. Please, if you can help me, I know it would not be in vain.”

It is clear she was asking for justice as well as financial help to leave Oklahoma back to her native Puerto Rico and maybe better legal representation because it is apparent that the entire system is crooked in that town.

And that cannot be anymore evident than their attempt to label her a threat to police when anybody watching the second video below can see they are the murderers.

Here is the department’s Facebook page.




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