Oklahoma Police Release Body Cam Footage Showing Officers Killing Man

Carlos Miller

Oklahoma Police Release Body Cam Footage Showing Officers Killing Man Holding Hammer.

Oklahoma police released body cam footage today showing them shooting and killing a man last Friday after he refused to drop a hammer.

Tahlequah police gave Dominic Rollice less than 30 seconds before they opened fire, killing him inside the garage of his ex-wife’s house, who had called police to report a domestic disturbance.

One cop also deployed a taser as the two other cops fired their guns.

Earlier in the week, police said he “lunged” towards officers with the hammer, which is when they fired, but the video shows he was only holding it up.

But “lunging” is a word they are trained to use when “reaching” and “charging” don’t fit into the narrative.

Authorities say when officers made contact with Rollice, he picked up a hammer. Officers told Rollice multiple times to put down the hammer. Rollice refused and lunged towards officers. Two officers fired their weapons.

In fact, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the shooting, also said he lunged.

Earlier today, Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King told the media that Rollice told officers he wanted to die, but that part is not included in the video.

In fact, the audio of the body cam footage they released does not begin until after they speak with him, which is why we included the audio from his ex-wife’s 911 call in the video below.

In the 911 call, his wife tells officers he is a registered sex offender. She also says he is drunk and in the garage, even though he no longer lives at the house.

The dispatcher warns the ex-wife that if they send officers out there, they will arrest him for being intoxicated.

She approved of his arrest, telling the dispatcher that even though he no longer lives there, he still has tools in the garage.

But it does not appear as if she was warning the dispatcher that he would try to use one of those tools to keep officers at bay.

“Drop it now,” police order him several times once they are holding him at gunpoint in the garage.

“No,” he repeatedly says.

“I have done nothing wrong here, man,” he says. “I’m in my house and I’m doing nothing wrong.

“I see your taser ….”

“Drop it now!”


The officers then fire several times, killing him.



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