Oregon Cop Threatens Couple then Pulls them Over for Expired Tags

Ben Keller

Oregon Cop Threatens Couple then Pulls them Over for Expired Tags that aren’t Expired

A video posted to Facebook shows a couple in Oregon got the last laugh last month after a cop who handcuffed and detained them in a parking lot pulled them over again just minutes just moments after they refused to provide identification.

“For your tags; they’re expired,” an officer who identifies himself as deputy Barton explains in the video.

The only problem: the tags weren’t expired.

It concludes with the couple bursting out in laughter.

The video, initially posted to Facebook, is narrated by a man with several tattoos on his face, including a proverbial “FTP” on his left cheek, and a woman he calls “Sadie.”

The man says the deputy claimed to have gotten a call from dispatch about a couple having a butane lighter and a meth pipe.

But the deputy never finds a meth pipe.

When the couple exercised their rights to refuse to be searched or identified in the parking lot, the cop threatened to pull them over after if they drive away. The officer tries to lead them to believe that he would then have probable cause to arrest them if they refused to provide identification.

Released from handcuffs just moments earlier, the couple drives away and proceeds down the road anyway, since they had committed no crime.

The man says he tried to explain to the deputy the reason they have the torch, because it’s cheaper than a Bic lighter and that they use it to light cigarettes. He then explains they would challenge the deputy’s reasoning for pulling them over.

“We’re gonna let them pull us over with no lawful reason to pull us over,” the man says.

“I’m ain’t gonna lie. I’m not black. But I’m real scared to get shot right now,” he adds

“The tags on the back expire October 17, October 2017. Do you know what today is?” deputy Barton explains to Sadie, who is driving, after pulling her over.

“Yeah. September. It’s 2017,” Sadie snaps back at the officer.

“You guys are gonna be embarrassed as fuck, we’re taking you to court,” the man taunts the officer several times.

“How’s that taste you idiot?”

“Oh, Okay. You’re free to go,” Barton says, finally allowing the couple to get on their way.

The video concludes with the man and Sadie shouting profanities and carrying on with laughter.



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