Original Video of Frisky Cop Mistaking Man’s Penis

Alexandra Gratereaux

Original Video of Frisky Cop Mistaking Man’s Penis for Firearm Even More Bizarre Than the One That Went Viral on Imgur.

So last week, a video of a frisky cop mistaking a man’s penis for a deadly weapon had gone viral on Imgur, a short video with no audio that generated laughs, comments and compliments, but revealed no background.

The bizarre footage showed a shirtless, shoeless man being heavily patted down – groin area and all – as his hands are behind his back.

As two cops begin doing the pat down, one of them checks the man’s left pocket and then boldly grabs the unidentified man’s penis, only to realize he just grabbed another man’s package mistakenly.

What it even more bizzare is that the officer is not convinced if what he just held was the man’s penis, so he grabs it a couple of more times real fast to make sure it is not a deadly firearm after all.

The entire time during the pat down the man was silent. After being convinced that in fact he was fondling his suspect, the cop looks up at the camera and backs away from the man, clearly embarrassed with his actions.

Since then, we have come across the original YouTube showing the background that led up to the search – and even makes for an even more bizarre video.

The video, posted below, begins with the 6’2″ suspect fully clothed, wearing a baby blue shirt, dark blue jeans and glasses standing inside a lobby of an apartment building.

But then he begins to yell at a pair of women behind glass doors in an incoherent language. He starts ripping off his clothes, removing his belt and whipping it against the doors and floor.

At one point, he attempts to swing off the chandelier.

Throughout the video, the women behind the glass doors are heard on the phone speaking frantically – especially when the man angrily flips them off and begins to hit himself in the face, only to the burst out in nervous laughter and disbelief when he takes off his pants and moons them and even twerks a little for the camera.

“Is this like a prank?” A male employee is heard saying as another female employee shouts at the suspect “Don’t come in! Leave! Leave!”

What is even more odd is when the suspect sees the cops approach him, he instantly raises his hands and begins speaking perfect English telling the officers “My blood sugar is low.”

And, surprisingly, the cops do not lunge at him, or tase him or beat him or kill him. They just calmly begin the patdown. Penis and all.

We still don’t know where the incident took place, but we would like to commend the cops for handling it professionally, even though the guy could have easily wound up another case of police abuse or worse.

According to the Daily Mail, the video first appeared to be posted on Imgur and then had Reddit users going crazy with comments.

“He seems impressed and ashamed at the same time,” wrote a user on Reddit after the penis gets patted down.

Another comment read “This is somehow better because they both acknowledge it happened.”

The Daily Mail reported that allegedly the man was detained for disturbing the peace at the office belonging to the apartment building.

Last month, PINAC News reported on another penis-related incident that took a deadly turn, when a Virginia-based police officer whose job was to investigate online sex crimes against children committed suicide Tuesday – moments before he was to be arrested for online sex crimes against children.

Manassas police officer David Edward Abbott, Jr. was the same cop who made headlines last year when he tried to take photos of a 17-year-old boy’s erect penis for what he claimed was investigative purposes.

A year before that, he won an award for “integrity in investigative work.”

Abbott, 39, was also part of the Northern Virginia-Washington D.C. Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which was how he became the lead investigator in a case where 17-year-old Trey Sim sent a photo to his 15-year-old girlfriend.




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