PA Man Slammed to Ground by Cop for Singing Forced to Accept Plea Deal


Pennsylvania Man Slammed to Ground by Cop for Singing Forced to Accept Plea Deal

Over the summer we reported on a story out of Allentown Pennsylvania, involving James Ochse, who is better known as the Allentown singing man in an ultra viral video where he slammed to the ground by a cop.

In the video, Allentown police officer Randy Busch can be seen approaching the singing man. After a few words are exchanged, Ochse is clearly seen turning away to leave but Busch was not having it and decided to slam this small, 90 pound, 63-year-old man face-first on the ground, leaving Ochse screaming in pain.

While tears ran down his face, he is hauled off on charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. For singing. Yes, singing. And only singing.

In fact, any claims of him disturbing others and being a nuisance were quickly put to sleep when it was realized that the people were filming him out of enjoyment and even cheered him on during his chorus.

Officer Randy Busch, not realizing he was on camera, submits a police report alleging that Ochse poked him in the chest and was loud and obnoxious. When the video surfaced a day later, it generated nearly a million views overnight, many coming from other countries.

Nobody was in favor with what they saw with many commenters demanding justice. Well “Justice” has finally been served.

James Ochse saw his day in court yesterday morning and upon his so called attorney’s advice, took a plea deal.

Lehigh Valley Live reports:

“On Wednesday, prosecutors withdrew three of the cases and changed some of the remaining charges for a plea deal. Ochse pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and two counts of disorderly conduct, and was sentenced to one year of probation.”
“The interests of the commonwealth and the interests of the client are not so far apart,” Holihan said of the deal. “The police don’t want to deal with Jim, Jim doesn’t want to deal with the police.”

I would like to show you all how they managed to do this. After the obvious assault had taken place, the police managed to arrest Ochse two more times before his trial.

They piled on charges and added the cherry on top that James is on probation for breaking into his old house and hanging there for a few days while his ex was out of town. (Hardend criminal right?)

Lets break down his other arrest too. Ochse was crossing the street with a cane and was nearly hit by an unlicensed, and texting driver.

One would think that Ochse was the victim here but no. Leave it to police to arrest someone for getting too angry when nearly being killed. James hit the car with his cane and was yelling at the driver so therefore, he is a dangerous criminal, right?

The third arrest was for singing. Yes, again. Ochse, aside from being a great singer, is also a brave man. He continued to walk up and down town singing despite his cane and severe injuries. In doing so, the storm troopers of the Allentown Police department were angered and rearrested him. For singing. Again.

The state is even calling Ochse a mental health case. Blasting his medical history all over the media following the guilty plea. The man has served his country in a number of scary places.

He has had it rough but hes a great kind man. It makes me beyond angry to see them do this to him. The guy has some depression issues like many in this country. But he’s not the dangerous nut job they want us to believe he is.

I’ll let you be the judge since I was fortunate enough to sit down with him to talk. Watch the video below.

Seems pretty dangerous, huh? This is how they do it. Spelled out and watched by all of the world. They make the victim the criminal. They use the media to spin their story and the lawyers wrap it all up in a nice little bow.

Wait! That’s not all everyone! We cant forget about the cop that was seen doing something wrong. Remember the one that started this whole chain of events?

Officer Randy Busch never lost a day of work. He was never sanctioned, demoted , docked or even reprimanded. How could he be? All the attention was on the victim right away as a possible criminal. See how they did that? Pretty cool huh?

Video below is Ochse and myself addressing the Allentown City Council after the assault. Not quite the man he’s portrayed to be, is he? Remember this could be any of us. They don’t care about us or justice.

I was able to reach Ochse for a comment and he stated, “It was just a bunch of charges. Too many to fight. I’m innocent but it would not have mattered.”

Ochse also stated that his civil case is still being fought and his attorney in that case is confident his plea will not affect a judgement.


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