Passenger in Rideshare beaten by Georgia Deputies for not producing ID

Jacob Crawford

Clayton County Sheriff's leave a rideshare passenger bloody and unconscious after allegedly refusing to show ID.

Videos surfaced Friday showing Georgia sheriff's deputies beating a man who was a passenger in a ride share vehicle that had been pulled over for a broken tail light.

The passenger's crime?

Other passengers claim he was attacked after questioning why he had to provide identification when he was simply a passenger.

"I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die. I can't breathe!" screams Roderick Walker as a Clayton County sheriff's deputy repeatedly punches him in the face.

Walker is pummeled by two deputies until he is laying motionless with blood seeping from his face.

“Get off of him. He says he can’t breathe, officer!" screams a woman as the deputies beat Walker.

A child in the vehicle can be heard screaming “Daddy!” as the two deputies continue to pummel Walker into the pavement.

A wider angle shot taken from a driver across the street and posted on Twitter shows the deputy punching Walker at least five times in his side before striking him in the face another four times.

The incident began after Clayton County sheriff’s deputies pulled over a vehicle for allegedly having a broken taillight. When the driver was unable to produce identification, deputies asked Walker for his, who was a passenger in the vehicle with his girlfriend and his son.

While there is no video of what led up to the violent altercation, passengers have claimed the conflict arose from Walker questioning why he had to show identification when he was not operating the vehicle. It is important to know that if a vehicle is stopped for a moving violation the driver is generally the only person required to produce identification. Passengers are not required to show unless police have a specific reason.

While police have said little about the incident or the Sheriffs involved, the name tag “Myers” is clearly visible on the departmentally issued uniform shirt of the officer who repeatedly strikes Walker.

A statement was released by Clayton County Sheriff's Saturday.

“After being made aware of a video posted on social media involving a Deputy using physical force on a man, Sheriff Victor Hill ordered his entire Internal Affairs Unit to come in and begin an investigation that has been ongoing since 8pm. The Sheriff has ordered that the Deputy involved be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Walker is currently in jail on two counts of battery and two counts of obstruction. His lawyer Shean Williams spoke with WBS-TV this weekend. “How does he end up in jail when he was the one that was attacked? The people that should be in jail are the officers that brutally attacked Mr. Walker.”

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If the police stop a car for a simple tail light being out then writing the basic citation should be all that is required. They should not need to ID everyone in the car. This only makes it obvious that they want to try to make arrests for anyone with a warrant. This is all about making arrests and not about doing real policing.


Good solid police work in a dangerous environment


He is a convicted felon out on parole.Regardless of any other applicable state law on id, he has NO right to deny to id himself.

He did so because he knew there was a warrant out for him due to his having already violated his parole.

As for the officer,that looks like a clear case of abuse ,but the key word here is "looks". It goes a whole nother way if the felon was indeed biting the officer.If the felon was indeed biting the officer , thats assault, and the officers use of force can then be legal.

Oh,and theres no proof at all so far that the driver was part of a legal ride service that ive seen.In fact lyft ,is that their name ?, has already said the driver wasnt one of theirs.

Think 4 urself
Think 4 urself

By all means don't add the fact that he was wanted on a felony probation violation, abuses kids, and as a condition of probation, he has to ID and cooperate with law enforcement when stopped. He deserved this. Get your shit together pinac. Stop ommiting facts so you can push your leftist agenda. No journalistic integrity found here.


No reasonable suspicion & No probable cause = unlawful arrest.
It cost money once you do it, but you can legally resist an unlawful arrest to the fullest.


“Stop & ID” Learn the law! What law, anywhere in America, obligates a man to give a cop an ID card? Answering that question only requires common sense: What law in America requires a man to own an ID card.

The stop and the use of force was wholly unlawful. You don’t need a law degree to determine this.


Georgia seems to be a stop and identify state. Unclear if it applies in this case. Certainly there is no need for this level of abuse.

Cops Gone Rogue