Pennsylvania Cop Fired for Smashing Man's Head on Ground After Video Goes Viral


The New Castle police officer was unanimously fired by a review board.

A Pennsylvania cop was fired this week after an internal affairs investigation revealed that excessive force was used when a man's head was bashed onto a hard kitchen floor several times.

PINAC News first reported on this story when video of the incident surfaced.

On April 23, 2018, New Castle police officer Ronald Williams is seen grabbing Perry Lowry and slamming his head into the floor several times, causing extensive bleeding to Lowery's head and unconsciousness.

Lowery was taken to UPMC Jameson Hospital, where he was treated for cuts to the head. ‚Äč

Williams revealed to superior officers that he feared for his life and thought that Lowry was going to crawl on the floor to reach knives, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Police were initially responding to a domestic disturbance, but things intensified when officers went hands on to place Lowry under arrest.

The victim in the domestic case, a 15-year-old boy, recorded the video.

New Castle Police Chief Robert Salem stated in a news release that officers had control over Lowry when he was on the floor, and additional force by Williams was not needed to make an arrest.

"Even though the male was not handcuffed, the investigation did show that the second officer was clearly on top of the male who was face down and the first officer was directly next to the male. We concluded that the officers were in physical control of the male and the force used was not reasonable and necessary under the circumstances to effect an arrest," said Chief Salem.

The Use of Force Review Board comprised of New Castle police officers unanimously voted that actions of Williams were against the department's policies and procedures regarding the use of force.

Now a criminal review will be accessed by the Lawrence County District Attorney's Office to determine if Williams will face criminal charges. Lowry is charged with assault, harassment and resisting arrest for his actions prior to the excessive force.

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Officer should be locked up for Public Safety! Too many Bad Officers leave a Department to find a job at another. They need to have their Peace Officer Status Revoked forever. Always file a a complaint on a bad officer.


Love hearing he is fired and may face charges. But in the corrupt profession known as police, this may not be enough.

"A police officer fired for beating a suspect already in handcuffs, even prosecuted and convicted of assault. ...16 years later, he was still trusted with a badge and a gun."

Cops Gone Rogue