Pennsylvania Cop Sexually Assaulted Girl in Public Shower at a Park

Joshua Brown

This cop raped a 12-year-old girl in a public shower

A Washington County, Pennsylvania, police officer was arrested this week on felony child rape charges.

Trent Talbert, 56, of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office gave a 12-year-old girl oil rub downs. He also sexually assaulted the girl in a public shower at Cross Creek park.

Talbert has worked for law enforcement departments across Washington county including Houston Borough, Pittsburgh Technical College and at least two others.

The girl who is now 14 told police that Talbert made her take all her clothes off for the "oil rubdowns" and then would sexually assault her, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

One of the sexual assaults occurred in a shower at a public park. According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police Talbert had photos of another girl on his phone.

Talbert is charged with felony rape of a 12-year-old and involuntary evident sexual intercourse.

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Remember dear parents to teach your children to 'Always trust and ask a cop for help'.


Child Perverts never do well in prison, Being a former cop will isolate him but that will never save him!

Cops Gone Rogue