Pennsylvania Cop Smashes Man's Head on Floor Repeatedly

Joshua Brown

Blood began oozing from this man's head after police slammed it on the ground several times.

A New Castle, PA police officer has been placed on administrative leave after repeatedly slamming a man's head on a hard kitchen floor.

Police say that on Monday afternoon they responded to a domestic disturbance that involved an intoxicated man who had assaulted a juvenile male.

The police incident report says that the intoxicated man tried to run towards a knife that was on the kitchen counter, which caused the officer on scene to initiate a physical encounter with the man.

In their statement, police say,

“The video appears to show the second officer subdued the intoxicated male through force. The male was then handcuffed and transported to UPMC Jameson Hospital, where he was treated for cuts to the head. The suspect was released from the hospital and sent to the Lawrence County Jail on charges of simple assault, harassment and resisting arrest."

The officer in question will remain on administrative leave pending the internal investigation.

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America's real terrorist's are our #Blueisis police.
What you see here I'm this video is abuse of power. It's a growing epidemic nationwide coming to a town near you. It takes a Rouge leader in the community to create it. The rest will follow. I've seen fracture's of the jaw with an eye ball popped put of the socket. Prior Obama administration. There was no reported police abuse reports with men suffering these types of injures. WE THE PEOPLE are under attack and it doesn't matter the color of your skin.
More law abiding citizens calling 911 have regretted it. Upon police arriving. Citizens were beaten and at times shot and killed due to incorrect dispatching and Rouge police who are born murderers. Always wear a camera. A watch is cheap and good to use in the event they take your phone.


It is also attempted murder. The system protecting itself (at our expense) by not prosecuting cops is why the violence continues.


No it's not. It's a paid vacation for the cop with no charges filed.


Slamming a person's head on the floor is attempted murder.

Cops Gone Rogue