Pennsylvania Cop Sued for Arresting Man Video Recording Them

Carlos Miller

Pennsylvania Cop Sued for Arresting Man Video Recording Them Tasing Man

In another example of uniformed thuggery, cops in Pennsylvania were piling on top of a man on a front porch, tasering, taunting and torturing him when another man came walking up and started recording.

That prompted one of the Allentown police officers to step up from the pile and confront the man recording, telling him to leave.

“Get off the block and you’re going to get arrested right now,” Allentown police officer Jason Ammary barks.

“I’m walking,” Eli Heckman responds after first attempting to assert his right to record.

“Get off the block, keep going,” Ammary orders. “Get off the block.”

“I live over ….” Heckman tries to explain.

“Go! Walk!” Ammary interrupts.

Ammary then pounces on him.

“Put your hands behind your back,” the cop yells.

“What are you doing?” Heckman asks.

“Give me your fucking hands, asshole,” Ammary responds before the video goes dead.

The incident took place last October, but has now resulted in a lawsuit against Ammary and the Allentown Police Department.

According to The Morning Call:

Heckman was charged with disorderly conduct and failing to disperse under official order. Both charges were later dismissed, court records show.
Heckman claims in the lawsuit that Ammary used foul language while handcuffing him and driving him to the police station.
“Why did you have to videotape? Now you’re [expletive],” the suit states Ammary said.
The suit is the latest in a string of eight brutality claims filed against Allentown police since September, and the second in which Ammary is named.
A federal judge in August gave the green light for a jury to decide a lawsuit over a Sept. 29, 2011, incident outside Dieruff High School, in which Ammary is accused of using excessive force by shooting a 14-year-old girl in the groin with a stun gun.

The article goes on to say that Heckman has had “numerous run-ins with police,” mostly for drug and theft charges.

The article also explains that the cops were in the area looking for two men who had committed a robbery a few blocks away when they came across a man named Alexander Aron, 23, who was walking near his home.

They apparently believed he was a suspect, even though he was walking with a bottle of beer and smelled of alcohol and was only trying to make his way home.

But police say he was “uncooperative,” so they had to pile on top of him and tase him and charge him with resisting arrest, simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.” He goes to trial next month.

The assault was a result of him of kicking an officer in the face as they were torturing him, the article states. There is no mention of the two robbery suspects they were supposedly looking for before they decided to arrest two men who had nothing to do with a robbery.

At one point after Heckman’s arrest, his lawyer wrote a letter to city and police officials, attaching a copy of the video, asking for the officer to be disciplined, but was told they completed an “investigation” and determined his complaint to be “unfounded.”

In fact, they gave Ammary an award for merit in May of this year, which is routine behavior for police departments in order to protect the thugs on their force. It’s their way of claiming he is a hero, when the video shows he is nothing but a thug.

The video can be seen on this link.


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