Pennsylvania Town Pays Murdering Cop $120,000 to Go Away

Carlos Miller

Pennsylvania Town Pays Murdering Cop $120,000 to Go Away

The Pennsylvania cop who shot a man in the back while repeatedly tasering him over an expired inspection sticker, capturing it all on her body cam, only for her to get acquitted last year before vowing to return to the department to continue patrolling the streets, has resigned.

But only because the borough of Hummelstown agreed to pay Lisa Mearkle $120,000.

That’s the price a community of just over 4,500 people has to pay to get rid of the hysterical murdering cop.

Citizens in the town already managed to obtain 4,500 signatures to keep her from returning, but American cops have the most secure jobs in the world, so the town had to pay what they describe as a “settlement” in order to not pay her more.

Apparently the only ones who didn’t sign it were the citizens who served on the jury who acquitted her last year, one who gave an infuriating interview to the media, explaining his reasons.

According to Penn Live:

“The borough has carefully weighed the cost and potential liability of additional legal proceedings and Council has come to a collective agreement that the resolution of this matter is in the best interests of the Borough, its residents and members of its police force,” said Michael Miller, the borough’s labor attorney, in a released statement.
Mearkle vowed to return to her position with the department in November after the jury found her not guilty of third-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter for the fatal February shooting. The decision was delivered following a two-day trial in Dauphin County Court.
Some residents, however, were outspoken in urging council not to return her to active duty with the force, and they submitted an online petition reinforcing the standpoint to council on Nov. 12. The petition had about 4,500 signatures.
Mearkle, 37, shot and killed Kassick in February after he fled from her attempt to stop him for an expired auto inspection sticker. The fatal encounter occurred in back of the South Hanover Township home of Kassick’s sister.

The video showing her kill David Kassick, 59, is one of the most egregious example of police abuse ever posted on this site because she claimed she was in fear for her life when he never showed any signs of aggression.

She starts by tasering him, sending into convulsions, then she shoots him twice in the back when he would not stop convulsing, later claiming he was reaching into his jacket for a gun.

Not only did he have no gun, but his jacket was zipped up.

“I didn’t want to have to shoot him, but he made me,” Mearkle testified in court.

After her acquittal, the jury foreman was interviewed by local media where he claimed he believed she was in fear for her life.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself whether she was in fear for her life.


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