PINAC Reporter Arrested by Clueless Cop

Carlos Miller

PINAC Reporter Arrested by Clueless Cop, Leading to Facebook Damage Control by Police.

PINAC reporter Jeff Gray had just finished photographing a group of work inmates Wednesday in Northern Florida when a cop pulled him over after he signaled left, then changed his mind and drove straight.

Gray placed his drivers license, registration and proof of insurance in a ziploc back and hung it out the window along with attorney Warren Redlich’s Fair DUI flyer just as he did on New Years Eve during a checkpoint stop that gained him national recognition, not to mention threats from two Florida sheriffs daring him to do that in their counties.

The Lawtey police officer took the documents, walked back to his car and discovered that Gray’s Commercial Driver License had expired, meaning he was no longer qualified to drive an 18-wheeler as he did for 20 years before he retired last year.

But he was driving his family’s Dodge Caravan and his main driver license, the one the officer was inspecting, was still valid.

Nevertheless, the cop told him he was being arrested, handcuffing and placing him in the back of a patrol car where he remained for more than 20 minutes before another cop arrived and determined that Gray’s license was valid.

Gray posted a short teaser video about the arrest on his Youtube channel Wednesday afternoon, leading to multiple calls into the Lawtey Police Department, which incidentally, is the same police department that arrested Gray in 2012.

The police department responded on its Facebook page, accusing Gray of posting a “highly edited video” filled with “misinformation.” They are also deleting comments for further damage control, but that could be a public records violation, so if you leave a comment, please grab a screenshot to build a possible case.

And just because they did not book and incarcerate him does not mean they did not arrest him. The fact that they handcuffed and placed him in the back of the car is an arrest. A detainment is what takes place before the handcuffs are placed on you.

And the officer even calls it an arrest in the video.

So the only ones guilty of spreading misinformation is the Lawtey Police Department because any fool would be able to see his drivers license was valid by reading the expiration date on it, which is January 8, 2022.


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