Police Chief Solicits 14-year-old for Sex who turns out to be Adult Activist

Carlos Miller

The Massachusetts police chief has been relieved of duty while state police investigate his actions.

Stow Police Chief Ralph "Rusty" Marino was thrilled to learn the 14-year-old boy he was chatting with online had a six-inch penis, the same size as his.

But the 58-year-old cop was not too thrilled when the 14-year-old boy turned out to be an adult activist who dedicates himself to exposing sexual predators.

Instead of taking the boy into the woods where he hoped they could "undress, feel and touch each other all over" as he promised to do during their online chats, Marino ended up doing the walk of shame back to his car as the activist followed him with his camera, threatening to call police on him.

It was only later the activist discovered the man who went by "DaddyDearest" online was the top-ranking cop of Stow, a town of less than 10,000 less than an hour away from Boston. He was able to make the connection after viewing a news video of the chief talking about a missing toddler who had been found less than a week earlier.

Marino has now been relieved of duty as the Massachusetts State Police investigate his actions, according to Mass Live.

The story was first reported by Turtle Boy Sports, a Massachusetts blog, then picked up by local media where the story has since gone international. Turtle Boy Sports also conducted an interview with the activist whose name is Jason. Both Jason's video of the cop and Turtleboy's video interview are posted below.


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