Police Dog Dies After Georgia Cop Leaves it in Patrol Car for Ten Hour

Carlos Miller

For the third time in less than two months, a police dog died after a cop left it inside a heated patrol car.

This time, it was Zane, a 5-year-old bloodhound for the Conyers Police Department in Georgia that died after being left in a patrol car in front of the home of officer Jerahmy Williams.

According to CBS News:

Police say the dog had been in the hot car for nearly 10 hours.
Williams told police that he fell asleep at his house after returning from work. He says he was feeling ill. Williams was under the impression that he had taken Zane to the kennel – but when he woke up he realized his mistake, unfortunately it was too late.

Williams was placed on paid administrative leave while the department conducts “an investigation.”

In May, Hialeah police officer Nelson Enriquez left two police dogs in his car after parking his patrol car in front of his South Florida home where they were later found dead.

And in June, Gulf Shores Police Corporal Josh Coleman left his police dog inside his car during a hurricane preparation conference, only for it to die as well.

All three officers remain on paid administrative leave while their respective departments “investigate” the incidents.

Coleman, in fact, only came under investigation after public outcry when the police department announced it would not charge him.

But these investigations are only to give the public the impression that something is being done about the incidents when in reality, they are just biding their time in the hopes the public forgets about the dog deaths.

However, police dogs are considered full-fledged officers, which is why several citizens in the past have been sentenced to prison for killing them.

But those citizens were not cops, so apparently the rules are different for them.


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