Police Taser legless man in wheelchair

Carlos Miller

Police Taser legless man in wheelchair

Police in California used their Taser on a legless man, then dragged him out of his apartment where they sat him on a curb handcuffed and naked from the waist down for several minutes as neighbors complained of brutality.

Gregory Williams, 40, a double-amputee, ended up spending six days in jail on charges of domestic violence and resisting arrest before he was released with dropped charges.

Now the Merced Police Department is conducting an internal investigation on the two officers who arrested Williams on Sept. 11.

Police had arrived on the scene after receiving reports that he had punched his wife. But police also arrested his wife on a warrant for domestic violence.

Police also arrested a man who was videotaping the incident:

Farrah Shells, Allison’s girlfriend, said she walked up to the scene with her boyfriend and saw Williams on the pavement handcuffed. “They wouldn’t even let him pull his pants up,” Shells said.
While Allison was arrested and faces charges for resisting arrest and carrying an illegal weapon, Shells disputes the officers’ claims. Shells said Allison had been trying to record video footage of the incident on a camera phone when an officer told him to stop.
Shells said Allison refused to stop filming the incident, saying, “Well, everyone else is.” Shells said the officer then arrested Allison, although he didn’t resist, and willingly placed his hands behind his back. In addition, Shells said she believes police deleted the video footage of the incident from the phone. “Before they gave it back to me, I saw a cop going through my phone,” Shells said.
When asked about Shells’ claims about the phone and the circumstances surrounding Allison’s arrest, Higdon declined comment, saying that’s also part of the department’s internal affairs investigation.


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