REHIRED: Minnesota Deputy Convicted Of Drunkenly Beating K9 Partner


REHIRED: Minnesota Deputy Convicted Of Drunkenly Beating K9 Partner After Groping Casino Patrons.

A Minnesota sheriff’s deputy who was convicted of animal cruelty on his own K9 service dog in a video recorded beating has been rehired by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.

The Law Enforcement Labor Services police union fought to keep the convicted criminal cop Brett Barry on public payrolls.

State arbitrator Gil Vernon decided that the deputy will be forgiven for his rampage, even though it was a drunken frenzy that would land any regular citizen in jail for assaulting a police officer – his K9 partner.

Ironically, Barry will now be paid to guard Ramsey County’s detention unit, instead of spending time behind its bars to repay society for his crime.

The Minnesota deputy didn’t just beat his dog either.

Deputy Barry’s drunken on-duty rampage included previously undisclosed sexual assaults by the 20-year veteran which remained buried in the Ramsey Sheriffs internal affairs records until today, seventeen months after the incident, according to the StarTribune:

Ramsey County sheriff’s deputy Brett A. Berry forcibly kissed and groped patrons at the Black Bear Casino before beating his K-9 partner in frustration several minutes later, according to documents released Tuesday. An internal affairs investigation into Berry’s actions on June 15, 2015, said that he acted in an “aggressive manner” toward three people while drinking at the casino’s Cobalt lounge in Carlton, Minn.
“His conduct in the Cobalt Lounge toward [redacted] patrons was disrespectful,” said the investigation report. “He agreed that his conduct … was inappropriate.” Berry, 49, of Oakdale, pleaded guilty in January to beating his K-9 partner, Boone, but the full extent of his unwanted advances at the bar hadn’t been disclosed until the sheriff’s office released documents from its investigation Tuesday.

Judging by the redacted blow-by-blow about “someone identified in the investigation only as “off duty [redacted],” whom he grabbed by the shirt.

When security confronted the deputy, he demanded, “Who the [expletive] am I harassing? I have a right to know.”

The report describes three instances of sexual assault, but identities and genders of the victims were redacted.

Twenty minutes later, Barry beat his K9 partner brutally in the infamous attack that led to his guilty plea for animal cruelty charges.


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