Reno Police Taser Woman Involved in Fight, Knocking Her Out Cold

Carlos Miller

Reno Police Taser Woman Involved in Fight, Knocking Her Out Cold

A fight between two men in Nevada resulted in police tasering a woman who appeared not to be fighting, causing her to fall straight back and slam her head to the pavement, knocking her out cold in a pair of bone-chilling videos posted online over the weekend.

However, Reno police said the woman was wielding an extendable baton as she approached an officer trying to break up the fight by holding on to her brother, which was when a second officer tasered her from behind. And the second video of the Saturday night melee to emerge, which was recorded from inside a car, does show this.

According to an email from Reno police officer Tim Broadway in response to a PINAC inquiry, the woman was treated on scene for minor injuries” before being transported to jail with the two men who were fighting.

There are two videos which were posted to Facebook in regards to this incident. In the other video which you may not have seen, you can see that the female you claim was an “innocent” bystander was in fact actively participating in the disturbance. The female was armed with a weapon and approaching an officer who was trying to de escalate the fight. Officers were heard on the video instructing all parties to quit resisting which the female did not adhere to and “less lethal” force was used to stop her from advancing on Officers which again is depicted in the video.
The female and the two males involved were all arrested after the female was treated on scene for minor injuries and all were then transported to the local detention facility. The extent of her “minor” injuries cannot be disclosed due to HIPAA laws but she was not requiring any other medical attention other than basic first aid.

The woman has been identified as Lena Conway, 28, and was charged with obstructing and resisting an officer and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Felipe Hemming contributed to this report.


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