Retired Miami Cop who Dressed as Batman and Molested 7-Year-old Girl

Carlos Miller

Retired Miami Cop who Dressed as Batman & Molested 7-Year-old Girl Receives Several “Character” Letters from Other Cops

Despite video evidence that a former Miami police officer who dressed as Batman molested a 7-year-old girl, not to mention a conviction for downloading hundreds of child porn videos, Juan Roman still has a stellar reputation among several of his former co-workers.

After all, many of them wrote “character” letters on his behalf, asking for leniency, which prompted a Miami-Dade judge today to delay sentencing the former cop for several weeks.

The Thin Blue Line obviously leaves no officer behind, no matter how twisted and perverted they may be.

According to the Miami Herald:

Juan Roman, who nicknamed himself “Batman,” faces up to 20 years in prison for each of the federal child pornography charges to which he pleaded guilty. The sentencing will be rescheduled for the next several weeks.
In state court, Roman is also accused of molesting a 7-year-old girl inside his home while secretly recording with a hidden video camera.
Roman retired from the Miami police department in 2010. His arrest last year stunned the Miami Police Department, where he had still counted many friends.
“As a police officer, I swore an oath to serve and protect,” Roman wrote in a statement submitted to the court before Thursday’s hearing. “Instead, as a retired officer, I violated that oath by committing a crime against children. I dishonored the Miami Police Department. I violated the trust of my community.”
To the court, his defense lawyer submitted 17 “character” letters on Roman behalf, including several from several current or former police officers.

Roman, 57, was arrested last September, four years after retiring from the Miami Police Department where he will probably continue receiving a pension.

When arrested, one of his neighbors told NBC Miami, “I always thought we were safe because we stay next to a cop.”

While many will say he was just a “bad apple,” cops convicted of sexual crimes make the headlines almost daily.

The only thing that sets Roman apart is his Batman costume.


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