Road Raging Off-Duty Cop Pulls Gun on Man, Fabricates Arrest over a Lane Change

Ben Keller

An off-duty California cop was caught on video detaining a man at gun point during a road-raging incident, retaliating.

Video sent to our inbox shows an off-duty California police officer standing over a man with his gun drawn during a road-rage incident, then calling other officers who arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon.

The man's alleged weapon: his car during a bad lane change that made the cop fear for his life.

Off-duty Stockton police officer Kevin Hachler said the man “intentionally swerved at him" when he cut across several lanes of traffic, which was when he called California Highway Patrol dispatch.

"You tried to run me off the road and pull a gun out on me?" Weaver asks Hachler.

"And you're a cop?"

Footage taken by the victim's friend shows Hachler standing over Weaver, holding him at gunpoint and forcing him to the ground on May 25.

Hachler's says he was driving his truck when he spotted an SUV towing a U-Haul trailer driving wildly, according to ABC10.

Weaver was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and reckless driving, which by the sounds of it, should have been filed against Hachler.

In a Facebook post with 209 Times, Weaver said he was driving when he saw a pickup driving behind him, which is when he turned on his blinker and started to change lanes.

That was when the cop sped up next to him and flipped him off. Weaver tried to blow it off but Hachler continued following him until he got off the freeway.

The Stockton Police Department says the incident seen in the video above is under review, which is standard procedure.

Apparently a source of pride for the Stockton Police Department, officer Hachler was one of the officers featured in a 2016 episode of the television show COPS, which can be seen below along with a longer version of the arrest video.

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Cops are a threat to us all. They are terrorists!


Hachler needs to be locked up in Prison as a Public Safety Threat! Better yet when and if the charges get dismissed he may get to be the defendent in both Civil and Criminal Cases!

Cops Gone Rogue