S.C. Sheriff's Dept. Attempts To Intimidate Animal Rights Group

Carlos Miller

S.C. Sheriff's Dept. Attempts To Intimidate Animal Rights Group From Video Recording

Animal rights activist Steve Hindi – who has been threatened, assaulted and arrested over the years for video recording perceived animal rights abusers in Pennsylvania – ventured down to South Carolina where he received a taste of Southern Hospitality from the local sheriff’s office.

Hindi and his film crew, collectively known as Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), were parked alongside a public road outside the entrance to the Broxton Bridge Plantation where they were going to conduct a live pigeon shoot.

A Colleton County Sheriff’s Lt. whose name sounds like it may be W.G. Polk first told them they could record all they want but he insisted on seeing their identifications.

The lieutenant insisted South Carolina law required them to provide identification, even if they were not suspected of committing a crime. However, South Carolina is not listed among the “stop and identify” states.

Hindi and his crew finally gave in and handed over their identifications. The lieutenant then walked over and showed them to the attorney for the Broxton Bridge Plantation.

He then came back with a list of alleged violations Hindi was committing for being parked along side of the road.

Hindi was smart enough to call him on his bullshit but wasn’t able to wipe the annoying smirk off the lieutenant’s face.

However, Hindi said they were able to stay at their current location.


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